‘The Abandons’ Creator Kurt Sutter Says Western Could Feature Real-Life Figures Like Billy the Kid

by Hannah Heser

Netflix is always surprising us with something new every year. They are not holding anything back when it comes to Kurt Sutter’s vision for Sons of Anarchy‘s new idea. Sutter drops some hints about his new series potentially featuring real-life figures, almost similar to Billy the Kid. The new setting in the old west might have objects or people actually from this area. The show is set to air next year with the many other shows and films Netflix is adding.

The Abandons is not the only film Sutter is working on right now. He keeps busy every year creating new movies that will bring shock to fans faces. Right now, he is working on his first movie as a director called This Beast. This new series is a mystery that will leave you wanting more. For instance, dozens of innocent people throughout the show are taken over by an aggressive beast. The town’s mission is to put a stop to this creature before it’s too late. So are you ready for this jaw-dropping series?

‘Sons of Anarchys’ Spin-off Series Potentially Featuring Real-Life Figures

In a recent interview, Kurt Sutter spoke about his vision for this new series. After this dream came back to him, he was excited to finally bring his idea to life.

According to PopCulture, he tried to get the rights to a Western IP last year but it failed.

“When that didn’t work out, he came up with the idea for The Abandons,” PopCulture reported. “While that was going on, former FX executive Danielle Woodrow moved to Netflix, which allowed Sutter pitch his idea to the streamer. And he said that was the fastest green light he’s ever had.”

Additionally, Sutter has his outline for the first season already planned out. In this outline, he has a few characters turning into outlaws before the Civil War takes place. The idea to portray Sons of Anarchy as an old west film is brilliant.

PopCulture reported Sutter discussing a second or third season if the first one goes well.

“If the show reaches a second or third season, the characters might even meet real outlaws like a young Billy the Kid. Netflix can’t wait to release this because ‘the west is literally wild in that period. And most were territories and the typical boundaries of civilized society that didn’t apply to the Frontier,” Sutter said.

While we wait for Sutter’s new wild west show, you can rewatch Sons of Anarchy here.

Kurt Sutter Has an Upsetting Ending to ‘Sons of Anarchy’

Every great show has to end eventually. But some Sons of Anarchy fans are still upset over the way Sutter ended it.

His way of ending the series was to leave fans in shock. He knew he was going to eventually release an additional season. He just didn’t know when.

Hopefully The Abandons has fans screaming with excitement. Are you ready Outsiders?