‘The Beverly Hillbillies’: How Much Were the Clampetts Supposed to Be Worth?

by Keeli Parkey

“The Beverly Hillbillies” television show is a rags-to-riches story. The classic sitcom follows the Clampett family as they adjust to the changes that come along with sudden and unexpected wealth. The show ran from 1962 to 1971.

Thanks to Jed Clampett’s missed shot while hunting near his home in the Ozarks, he and his family become millionaires after crude oil is discovered on their property. But, just how rich were they supposed to be?

According to an article released on ScreenRant.com in 2020, when the show premiered in 1962 it was said that the Clampetts had amassed a fortune of $25 million thanks to that “black gold” or “Texas tea.”

So, how much money is that in today’s world? Well, according to the article that $25 million in 1962 would be worth $215 million today. By the time the show came to an end nine years later, the Clampett fortune was said to be $100 million. If you adjust that figure for inflation, the Clampetts would be worth $850 million if the show was airing today.

Now, that would buy a really, really fancy home in Beverly Hills! Just think what the Clampetts could get up to if they were living in California during 2021! Can you imagine what Elly May Clampett, Jethro Bodine, and maybe even Granny would post on social media today? It would definitely be entertaining!

You can watch the theme song for “The Beverly Hillbillies” below.

“The Beverly Hillbillies” came along at a time when the American public needed to find humor somewhere. Following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in November 1963, the nation’s three major networks focused on that tragic event. Those networks were ABC, CBS, and NBC.

Eventually, the networks began airing other content. By resuming the usual programs, the networks began airing sitcoms. Among those sitcoms was “The Beverly Hillbillies” and it really gave the television audience the laughs and relief they needed from the sadness of the time.

In fact, the show was so popular and fans loved it so much that it became No. 1 in the Nielsen ratings within the first three weeks of its debut. The show appealed to a very wide audience thanks to the laughs it provided.

“The Beverly Hillbillies” continued to stay at the top of the television ratings for the next two years. It actually set a record as the show that made it to the No. 1 spot in the ratings faster than any other show in history.

Paul Henning created “The Beverly Hillbillies.” According to Wikipedia, Henning was also responsible for the creation of the classic television sitcoms “Green Acres” and “Petticoat Junction.”