‘The Brady Bunch’: Barry Williams Reveals ‘Stupid’ Episode That Embarrassed Him

by Evan Reier

When you do as many episodes as the cast members of The Brady Bunch did, there’s going to be some clunkers.

It’s inevitable. Even the best shows have low points, as the demands of coming up with creative gold on a consistent basis are daunting. Barry Williams got a front-row seat to this, especially when it comes to the Season 5 episode, “The Driver’s Seat.”

Speaking in a cast interview for the New York Post, Williams didn’t hold back about how much he disliked that particular episode.

“That stupid episode,” Williams said. “I told the writers at the time that no one would ever believe it. It had to with Marcia and Greg competing in a driving contest with an egg on top of a cone, and then Greg was supposed to lose. Well, c’mon … you mean I’m gonna knock the cone off for real? I just hit the accelerator and closed my eyes and cringed.”

In the same statement, Williams did say he had an aspect of the show he didn’t cringe over: the fashion.

“I never apologize for any of the clothing,” Williams added. “Look at the ’80s hair bands. I felt cool at the time and felt we weren’t the most extreme in terms of fashion.

‘The Brady Bunch’ Season 5, Episode ‘The Driver’s Seat’

As Williams somewhat explains, the episode centers around Marcia and Greg taking their driver’s test. It’s a classic premise, to say the least, especially in the context of the growing kids of The Brady Bunch.

Like many episodes of the iconic program, the “battle of the genders” is a focal theme, with Marcia arguing with Greg about which sex are the better drivers.

In classic Mike Brady fashion, their father decides to mediate the situation himself with a contest. The two battle after Marcia scores higher on the written test.

While Marcia is far more nervous and less-confident when actually driving the vehicle, Greg can’t take advantage. He has a bit of a meltdown and knocks over the aforementioned “egg on top of a cone” and loses.

Barry Williams and Maureen McCormick Had Romance on Show

Teenage romance isn’t uncommon on the sets of Hollywood, but it certainly gets more awkward when the two sides are playing brother and sister.

That was the case for Williams and Maureen McCormick, playing Greg and Marcia respectively. In McCormick’s book, Here’s the Story: Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding My True Voice, she provides context to their relationship.

After flirting for a large part of the first few seasons, the pair kissed while filming a Hawaii special. For McCormick, the connection was too intense and real to deny.

“There was so much electricity between us that I felt the hair on my arms stand up every time we got close to each other,” she said. “I thought about Barry even when I had other scenes with other guys. I used to ask myself how I could ever look in eyes other than his liquid blues and feel such love.”

However, the relationship didn’t last. McCormick and Williams ended up going their separate ways as the show and their interest came to a close.