‘The Brady Bunch’: Christopher Knight Said He Became Famous at ‘Worst Time’ For This Reason

by John Jamison

Christopher Knight, known for playing Peter Brady on “The Brady Bunch,” was only 10 years old when he landed the role. The former child star opened up about why becoming famous was so difficult for him at that age.

Even though he struggled with fame during his “Brady Bunch” days, Christopher Knight was fortunate to avoid many of the typical pitfalls of child stardom. In a PopEntertainment.com interview from 2008, Knight looks back on the time he spent in the television industry as a kid.

By the time “The Brady Bunch” aired on television, Christopher was going into seventh grade. As a working actor, he had to spend a great deal of time on set. Knight and the rest of the child actors on the show were required to have teachers there with them.

“Every time I came back to public school in the second semester in February, I was ahead of where the class would be,” he stated in the 2008 interview, “I used to complain a lot to my mom,” he said. “I just want to be normal. I just want to be like everyone else.”

“The Brady Bunch” Actor Struggled to Fit In

The middle schooler struggled to fit in.

“Here I am, a seventh-grader, recognized, and it’s the worst time in the world to have anyone’s attention,” he remembers.

Middle school is a formative time in everyone’s life, regardless of the circumstances. So it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that the added burden of fame from “The Brady Bunch” affected Christopher greatly.

“By eighth grade, I wouldn’t react to people teasing me. I would laugh with them, at myself. I just became one of them. If you’re different, you’re dead. I became Chris, and I wasn’t Peter. It was a very valuable lesson, very early on in life.”

Fortunately, dealing with all of this so early was a blessing in disguise for Christopher. He realized that his identity was more than this character he played on television. By recognizing this, he was able to move forward and explore his interests in science.

“The Brady Bunch” star eventually made a successful career in the tech industry, and he did it as Christopher Knight, not Peter Brady.