‘The Brady Bunch’: Christopher Knight Said He Blamed Himself for His Contentious Attitude Towards Show

by Keeli Parkey

Christopher Knight rose to fame playing Peter Brady on “The Brady Bunch” during the early 1970s. However, as the years went on, the actor developed a love-hate relationship with the show and his famous character.

But, with time and a trip Down Under, Knight eventually came to terms with his past.

According to a 2019 article in The Sydney Morning Herald, Knight said this contentious attitude toward “The Brady Bunch” was his own doing.

He wanted to distance himself from the show and from his character. But, in the process of doing so, which included a trip to Australia in 1992, the actor was reminded that being a Brady was actually a very special thing.

“I was going to a place (where) I thought people would not recognize me and I was not in the country five minutes and I was embraced as a brother,” Knight told the publication. “I’d never been to Australia. I was half a world away from home and there was a sort of loneliness, a feeling of how big the world is and then suddenly the world gets very small.”

Interestingly, around the time Christopher Knight arrived Down Under, a Brady-themed show was making its debut in Sydney, Australia. It was titled “The Real Live Brady Bunch” and it poked fun at the classic television show. This didn’t go unnoticed by Knight.

‘A Sign’ Helped Christopher Knight Come to Terms with His Past as Part of ‘The Brady Bunch’

“What’s the chance of that? I had to take it as a sign,” Christopher Knight said. “I’d avoided seeing it in the States, I thought that was the last place in the world I wanted to be.”

It was by going to see the show that the actor realized that he needed to embrace his past as a cast member of “The Brady Bunch.”

And, it was time to put his ill feelings about the show behind him. People will always love the show, so why shouldn’t he?

“I went and all I felt was this outpouring of love and I’m thinking, I’m trying to run away from this thing which is going to be in the room longer than I’m alive. It’s in the room before I get there. It’s me,” Knight said. “I can’t distance me. I can’t divorce me of me and all of it presents as love and camaraderie. And it was me that was preventing that from being accepted.”

And, that’s a very good thing because people still love “The Brady Bunch” and its actors. In fact, the show even had a comeback of sorts with the release of “A Very Brady Renovation.”

In a way, this reality show allowed Knight and the other Brady kids to return to where it all began. This was the house that served as the exterior of the Brady home on the show. It had gone up for sale and HGTV brought the actors in so they could help with the renovations.

It’s a unique take on “The Brady Bunch” and one Knight and his cast mates seemed to embrace.