‘The Brady Bunch’: Family Dog ‘Tiger’ Was Killed on Set in Season 1: What Happened

by Atlanta Northcutt

What’s worse than when a character is written off of a show? How about when a cute, fuzzy, little animal disappears? And even worse, what if this cute animal no longer makes its appearance due to its on-set death? The sadness behind the Brady Bunch‘s death of their “pet dog” is real.

Tiger The Dog on “The Brady Bunch”

If you’re closely watching the beloved TV family series, then you might notice how one character disappears after Season 1.

The family’s loyal dog named Tiger is an obvious and lasting character in the first season. But where does he go afterward? I like to believe it’s an All Dogs Go to Heaven type of deal.

Tiger played an important role in the show, essentially making The Brady Bunch family appear even more wholesome and perfectly constructed. I mean what picture-perfect family doesn’t have a dog or at least some sort of pet.

Tiger even played an essential character in the pilot episode as the loveable little rascal ended up causing some sort of ruckus, as well as creating a small bicker and battle between the girls and boys of the family.

However, when the second season of the show airs, the doggy is nowhere to be found. Did Tiger end up on one of those special doggy farms your family tells you they sent your favorite mutt to or did he fly the coop, and take off for a life full of adventure? Did the Brady Bunch crew even come to the realization that their beloved pooch is not with them? This is an unanswered question.

Where Did the Sweet Pooch Go?

No information is ever given to viewers regarding Tiger leaving the family. However, there’s a sad reason the puppy dog no longer called the show’s set home and never appeared on screen again.

This is just a forewarning. If you’re an animal lover, and remember ole’ Tiger, this might be a hard pill to swallow.

While filming the episode “Katchoo,” Tiger died following a delivery vehicle striking him. It must be noted that there are various reports on what type of delivery truck this might’ve been, whether it be a pizza boy or florist, the doggo took its last breaths on the lot of Paramount Studios.

Once again, this is where the All Dogs Go To Heaven belief sets in.

Rest in Peace Tiger, You Were A Good, Talented Boy

However, as they say in show business, the show must go on. Poor Tiger’s trainer hurried to find a replacement pooch in order to finish the episode. Of course, this new “Tiger” was quite likely a sham since he didn’t demonstrate half the talents that the real Tiger possessed.

While on set, the replacement pet would get spooked by loud noises and bright lights, which is the general make-up of the set where filming takes place. Reportedly, during filming, the new doggie’s collar ends up nailed to the floor to prevent him from moving around during the filming of certain scenes.

The tragic loss of Tiger is a hard one, but he’d want us to. be happy and remember his exceptional talents displayed during the first season. Rest in peace, Tiger. You may be gone, but you’ll never be forgotten.