‘The Brady Bunch’: ‘Greg’ Actor Barry Williams Once took Florence Henderson on a ‘Date’

by Emily Morgan

As with many classic sitcoms, the moments behind the scenes often included more drama when the cameras weren’t rolling. While the Brady Bunch may have seemed like a sweet family on camera, off-screen, there was conflict, forbidden romance, and other scandalous events. 

During her time on the show, Florence Henderson, who played the Brady family matriarch, found herself at the center of a rumor that would follow her everywhere. The word on the street was that Henderson had dated her on-screen son, Greg, played by Barry Williams. At the time of the alleged rumor, Willaims was 16, and Henderson was 36— making the piece of gossip quite risque. 

The Brady Bunch Star That Confessed to Crushing on Their Castmate

In his 1992 memoir, Growing Up Brady, Williams confessed to having a crush on his on-screen mom. “When those little things called hormones start kicking in, you get excited by even inanimate objects. It wasn’t that I sought to bed her,” he writes. “I just wanted to spend time with her.”

At the time, Henderson was a happily-married mother of four. While Williams and Henderson did go out for dinner once, they were driven by Williams’ older brother as Williams didn’t have his driver’s license. 

Henderson would forever be associated with her role as Carol Brady up until she died in 2016. Despite being the matriarchal figure, Henderson was a fun-loving gal who her castmates knew her for having a racy sense of humor in real life. 

“That whole thing with Barry got blown way out of proportion,” Henderson wrote on her website. “I guess in a sense it was a date, because Barry thought it was. But of course, I had no idea that his intentions were to ‘date’ me. It has made for a good story though!”

“She knew the respect that people had for that character,” Lloyd Schwartz, son of Sherwood, said to Variety. “Whenever anybody came up to her to say anything about the show, she was as warm as could be – I saw it a million times.”

Williams did, however, have more luck with his on-screen sister Marcia. In her memoir, Here’s the Story: Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding My True Voice, Maureen McCormick wrote about dating Williams. In the book, she notes that at the time she said to herself, “Oh my God! I’m kissing my brother. What am I doing?”