‘The Brady Bunch’: One Actor Explained Change of Heart After Not Wanting to Be a Brady: ‘This Thing Doesn’t Die’

by Chris Haney

The Brady Bunch star Christopher Knight once spoke candidly about not wanting to be on the hit TV show, but eventually had a change of heart.

During the show’s five seasons on-air, it was never met with critical success. However, when the show came to an end in 1974, The Brady Bunch went into syndication. Reruns of the show helped it become one of the most popular classic shows on television for numerous generations of fans.

While speaking with PopEntertainment.com, the actor and businessman opened up about being part of such a huge show ingrained in pop culture. Knight, who played Peter Brady on the show, said the fame from The Brady Bunch was too much to bear at times. So much so that for a time Knight had no desire to be connected to the Bradys and the classic show.

“I went through my period where I didn’t want to be a Brady. I wanted to ignore it and I wanted it to go away,” Knight said honestly to PopEntertainment.com. “But then I had an epiphany that this thing is bigger than I am. It’s always in the room before I am, it’s always in the room after I am.”

‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Learns To Live With His Fame

It may have taken him years, but Knight did learn to live with the fame that came from his five years on The Brady Bunch. He struggled with fans only knowing his character Peter, and not the man who is Christopher Knight. But he learned to differentiate the two himself. He made sure that people realized his TV persona is different from who he is in everyday life.

“As a matter of fact, for most people, Peter is the identity they know,” Knight explained. “This thing doesn’t die, and it probably won’t. Then it’s something I have to either learn to live with, and at best learn to love it and appreciate it as others have, or it is going to be a very difficult life. I learned to make certain that it was a great anecdote, but it wasn’t the full me.”

In addition, The Brady Bunch actor shared details about the early days of his fame. The show aired while Knight attended middle school, some of the toughest years of any child’s life. His fame became an issue that stuck with him early on in life.

“Here I am, a seventh grader, recognized, and it’s the worst time in the world to have anyone’s attention,” he revealed. “By eighth grade, I wouldn’t react to people teasing me. I would laugh with them, at myself. I just became one of them. If you’re different, you’re dead. I became Chris, and I wasn’t Peter. It was a very valuable lesson, very early on in life.”

Knight may have played along early on when his peers would tease him. Yet the role of Peter obviously had its downside, and that stayed with Knight for years. Thankfully, as he got older, he learned to cope with his television fame.