‘The Brady Bunch’: Here’s Why Carol’s Previous Marriage Remains a Mystery

by Katie Maloney

Here’s a story of a lovely lady…and why her previous marriage was never explained on The Brady Bunch.

Have you ever wondered why the show never breached the topic of Carol’s first husband? Well, we have all the answers. If you’re a dedicated Brady Bunch fan, then you know that Mike was a widower. Apparently, The Brady Bunch‘s creator wanted Carol to be a divorcee. However, the network did not think divorce was aligned with the Brady values. So, like all healthy families do when trying to resolve conflict, the show decided to simply not talk about it ever. The details of Marcia, Jan, and Cindy’s biological father was never explained. All we know is that his last name was Martin.

Florence Henderson as Carol Brady and Robert Reed as Mike Brady in the opening sequence of the BRADY BUNCH episode. (Photo by CBS via Getty Images)

Have You Ever Wondered Why The Brady Bunch Dad Wasn’t In The Final Episode?

It’s no secret that Robert Reed, who played Mike Brady, caused some conflicts on set. He believed that the show could really send some important messages about blended families. He wanted the show to focus on the obstacles that come with trying to mix six kids of varying ages under one roof, and how the family conquered those obstacles. As the show became sillier and the plot lines deviated away from family conflict, Reed grew increasingly upset.

This was especially the case for the show’s final episode. Reed was unhappy with the plot of the show’s finale. During the episode, Greg accidentally turns his hair orange with a product he bought from Bobby. This was especially concerning for Greg because he was scheduled to graduate from high school. So, Reed insisted that the show’s creators re-write the script. He said that he would not appear in the episode until they did so. However, Reed’s plan backfired when the show called his bluff and just cut him out from the episode entirely. What would have been his lines were divided between Carol Brady and the Brady’s housekeeper, Alice.

And that’s the story behind why The Brady Bunch is missing one member of its bunch in the series finale.

Greg’s hair turns orange after using Bobby’s hair tonic in the final episode of The Brady Bunch.