‘The Conners’ Star John Goodman Gives Update on Katey Sagal After Being Hit by Car

by Chase Thomas

The Conners‘ star John Goodman gave an update on his co-star and on-screen wife Katey Sagal on a new episode of The Talk on CBS following the latter’s injuries sustained from getting hit by a car.

Goodman, when asked by the show about Sagal said that she returned to the set on Friday. He said she was doing better and that she “wheeled” her way into the studio, but after the kind of injury from that kind of situation it was going to take time to improve and get back to normal. He mentions that he loves working with her on the show and all the cast is all “pros”, which is nice.

Katey Sagal Is Still Working

She continued, “I’ve started to say it to myself sometimes. I’m like, ‘Wow, this is so great that I’m able to continue to be a working actor and still be interested in the roles that I’m getting to play.’ I feel very grateful about that.” Evan Sagal can’t believe it sometimes. She is still working. Steadily. It does not look she will be slowing down anytime soon.

Sagal is still going in Hollywood. She has been in the industry for over fifty years now, but she is not slowing down anytime soon with her roles on Rebel and The Conners. The former star of both Married With Children and Sons of Anarchy has become a fan-favorite over the decades, and it’s a testament to her work ethic and her extreme talent. She told Entertainment Weekly, “The biggest comment I get is, ‘Wow, you’re still working!'”

Why ‘Rebel’ for Sagal?

How cool is that? At close to 70-years-old, Sagal is still going and she is not letting the accident slow her down on new opportunities on The Conners. But what drew her to Rebel? Sagal said, “The Erin Brockovich of it all was really intriguing to me.”

Katey Sagal was intrigued by the role. Along with the unique opportunity, it presented her to play a character as iconic as this one. “I love the fact that she’s a person of service, that she’s a person that gives voice to people that feel they don’t have a voice. I like playing a character that’s aligned with my philosophy of doing the right thing. It was particularly intriguing to me at this point in life that she’s somebody who gives back.” Sagal gets it. She understands where she is in her acting career. She also knows what kind of role she wants. The Rebel character suits her now. Gone are the days of playing characters like the mom of Jax Teller on Sons of Anarchy. Things have indeed changed.