‘The Conners’: Team Behind Show Gets New Comedy Pilot Order at ABC

by Madison Miller

ABC has announced another show will be joining the “Roseanne” universe.

The co-executive producer of “The Conners,” Emily Wilson, will be leading a new show called “Bucktown.” The show has been in the works for nearly five years. Wilson is also known for her work on “The Kids Are Alright,” “The Muppets,” and “Cougar Town.”

“The Conners” focused on how the working-class family struggles to get by, especially after the death of Roseanne. “Roseanne” was swiftly canceled by ABC after Roseanne Barr posted a racially insensitive tweet about Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett.

The show focuses on the same family, but has gotten rid of Roseanne. Additionally, there are certain moments from the controversial last season of “Roseanne” the new show ignores completely.

According to Popculture, the show “Bucktown” is in the same fictional universe as “Roseanne.” However, it follows a new character named Amy who goes back to live with her blue-collar mom after being dumped by her boyfriend. Her teenage niece is also living with her mom. Amy decides to stay after she realizes just how much her mother and niece are going through.

“The Conners” two stars Tom Werner and Sara Gilbert are executive producers for the upcoming show. ABC has a number of comedy pilots on the way. This includes “Black Don’t Crack,” which is the “Wonder Years” reboot many fans are anticipating.

‘The Conners’ Newest Season

“The Conners” was first released in October 2018. Now, the show is currently on its third season. It remains one of the last reboots on television after shows like “Fuller House” and “Will & Grace” saw their last days.

Despite issues with Barr in the past, the show made news when Alexandra Billings became the show’s first openly transgender character. Billings has been in other roles such as “Goliath” and “Diary of a Future President.”

Now on “The Conners,” she plays Robin, a supervisor at the Wellman factory where several characters work. In a recent episode called “Protest, Drug Test and One Leaves the Nest,” Robin shares that she is a transgender woman with Becky. This is after the factory is requiring a supervised drug test.

Becky defends Robin saying she should not be forced to come out. However, Robin opens up that she doesn’t want negative attention on her.

Billings shared with ET Online why the episode is so important for viewers. It helps people understand that coming out should always be done on your own terms.

“I always tell any trans human being, wherever they are in their journey, that whenever they decide to reveal, that they do it when they feel safe. And safety can be complex, but you know in your gut when you are being forced to do something, when you feel pushed to do something. And you know in your gut when you make the decision and you say to yourself, ‘This feels really good. It feels necessary. It feels right. I feel good about it. It’s bringing me a little bit of joy’ … That’s what I loved about that scene between Robin and Becky,” Billings said.