‘The Most Dangerous Game’ Remake Finds Its Cast Including Bruce Dern

by Clayton Edwards

 Sometimes it seems like every successful film or television show gets remade. It doesn’t matter if it’s The Waltons or The Thing, movie studios and networks are all about putting new spins on older properties. Now, the classic film The Most Dangerous Game is getting a modern retelling.

The Most Dangerous Game is a tense and thought-provoking piece of American cinematic history. The film follows a hunter and author who is the sole survivor of the wreck of a yacht. He finds himself on the private island of Count Zaroff, a mad Russian hunter. Soon, the survivor learns that Zaroff hunts humans for sport on his island. He explains that hunting became boring, then he discovered what he called the “most dangerous” query to hunt. That film, based on a 1924 short story of the same name, came out in 1932.

The film is still in production, so we don’t know much about it. However, if the cast of the new The Most Dangerous Game is anything to go on, it’s going to be a good one.

The cast of the remake of The Most Dangerous Game features some familiar faces. Bruce Dern, the man who infamously killed John Wayne’s character in The Cowboys, is on board. Additionally, Judd Nelson of Breakfast Club fame and Caspar Van Dien will travel to the island. Tom Berenger and Chris CT Tamburello signed on as well, according to Deadline.

The cast also includes Elissa Dowling, Randy Charach, Kevin Porter, and Eddie Finlay.

Unfortunately, we don’t yet know who will play which roles. We do, however, know that the modern remake changes the original story a little.

The Most Dangerous Game: Remake vs Original

As with just about any remake, the new version of The Most Dangerous Game will differ from the original. After all, the first film came out 89 years ago. The world is a completely different place. So, obviously, there will be several differences connected to the time period. However, writer-director Justin Lee also made some small changes to the plot and character names.

In the original version of The Most Dangerous Game, an author/hunter finds his way to the island after his yacht runs aground and sinks. However, the remake features a father and son duo finding the island after their steamer ship explodes at sea.

While on the island, the 1932 protagonist meets Count Zaroff, a Russian who loves nothing more than the thrill of the hunt. In the new iteration of The Most Dangerous Game, Baron Von Wolf is the human-hunting villain.

At this time, we don’t know anything else about the characters or plot of the upcoming Most Dangerous Game remake. However, Deadline reported that Mill Creek Entertainment will co-produce the film and handle its North American distribution. They’re shooting for a release date sometime in the summer of 2022.