‘The Partridge Family’: David Cassidy Detailed How Fans ‘Destroyed Three Limousines’ Outside MSG

by Will Shepard

When The Partridge Family first came on television, it was an instant hit. The show ran for only four seasons but made David Cassidy unbelievably famous.

In particular, it was the star of The Partridge Family‘s voice that made the actor so popular. Almost overnight, he became one of the main heartthrobs of the 1970s. With his singles like “I Think I Love You” and “Cherish,” his fame skyrocketed.

Cassidy was no longer worrying about how he would get to work. Now, he was able to concern himself with how he was going to get places. Because of his success, fans were clamoring to see and meet him. Consequently, they began doing outrageous things to catch a glimpse of The Partridge Family sensation. There is one incident that stands out above the rest.

David Cassidy, a Star of “The Partridge Family” Tells a Crazy Story About His Fans

One time, after a show at Madison Square Garden in New York, his fans became exceedingly rambunctious. They were doing all that they could to try and meet Cassidy. The star of The Partridge Family recounted the incident to The Journal News.

“One February, I left Madison Square Garden in the trunk of a Toyota. There was a massive traffic jam outside because most of the kids at my concert couldn’t drive, so their parents had to pick them up. The fans literally destroyed three limousines; they jumped on them, pounded on them, and tried to tip one over.”

Thankfully, he was able to get away safely, but his troubles weren’t over there. The Partridge Family star finishes the story with a short anecdote about what happened after leaving in the trunk. He says that they drove to “some [bad] hotel in Queens. All I had was my jumpsuit and a towel.”

It is, unfortunately, an incident that is all too common for ultra-famous people. Cassidy also describes what his fanbase was like back in the 1970s. He says that a lot of his audience were people that first saw him on The Partridge Family.

Cassidy adds that his audience was probably an older generation of people, likely people from their 40s to 60s. He says too that there were some kids were fans as well. He also notes that he thinks most of the people were fans of his because of his music and the music from The Partridge Family show.