‘The Partridge Family’: David Cassidy’s Lawyers Revealed the Insane Amount of Letters He Got on Show

by Keeli Parkey

It’s difficult to imagine the pressure David Cassidy felt at the height of his fame. In fact, according to information released by the star’s lawyers, he received a ridiculous amount of letters during his time on “The Partridge Family.”

You might want to sit down before you continue reading. According to an article on BBC.com, Cassidy received approximately 30,000 letters every week while he was working on “The Partridge Family” television show. How crazy is that? Imagine trying to read – and even respond – to that many letters each week. It’s practically impossible.

Thanks to his role in “The Partridge Family,” Cassidy reached a level of fame that the vast majority of people cannot fathom. Along with that fame came the love fans expressed via pen and paper and sent to the star.

‘The Partridge Family’ Made David Cassidy Famous

The revelation about the almost countless number of letters David Cassidy received while appearing on “The Partridge Family,” came to light when the actor sued Sony years ago over the royalties. The actor alleged that the company did not keep to the stipulations of the contract he signed in 1971. According to that contract, he was supposed to receive 15 percent of the sales that included his image.

According to the BBC.com article, Cassidy and his team claimed that he had only received around $5,000 for “The Partridge Family” merchandise. However, the article claims that the show had actually led to almost $500 million in merchandise revenue. Cassidy and his lawyers decided to fight to get the star what they felt he was due.

In the end, the courts ruled that David Cassidy had made his case against Sony. According to reports, he was awarded a little more than $150,000. Even though he had hoped to receive millions of dollars, the $150,000 he received is still a win.

There Was Once a Plot to Kidnap David Cassidy

His almost unfathomable level of fame also reportedly included a plot to kidnap David Cassidy. This took place during his tenure playing Keith Partridge on “The Partridge Family.”

According to a report on CheatSheet.com, Cassidy was swarmed by fans pretty much wherever he went while he was on the show. He had security with him; however, fans would tear at his clothes and stretch out to touch him. Other fans would even faint at seeing him. Things reportedly got so bad that David Cassidy began to disguise himself or even hide in the trunk of a vehicle to avoid detection by his supporters. The singer wrote about this in his memoir. The book is “C’Mon Get Happy: Fear and Loathing on the Partridge Family Bus.”

After filming an episode of “The Partridge Family,” the actor’s manager called him and told him to pack quickly. Why? The FBI was coming to get him because there had been a verified kidnapping threat.

“Two guys planned on kidnapping me, and hoped to collect a multimillion-dollar ransom from my family and Screen Gems-Columbia Pictures,” Cassidy wrote in his memoir.

Cassidy was taken to a hotel where the FBI and the Los Angeles Police Department could keep a close on him for his safety. They followed him wherever he went, even to the bathroom. They reportedly protected him for a month until the threat passed.