‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Says ‘Bye Bye Vail’ in New Stunning Snap From Vacation

by Leanne Stahulak

“The Pioneer Woman” Ree Drummond’s week-long getaway finally came to a close yesterday. She and her husband Ladd escaped to Vail, Colorado for some couples’ time this past week.

Drummond has steadily updated followers with gorgeous vacation photos on Instagram. Yesterday, she posted one final pic to mark the end of their trip. The “Pioneer Woman” holds a bright yellow mug from Vail’s Big Bear Bistro in her hands, smiling serenely behind her sunglasses.

“Bye bye, Vail! I love you, but there are way too many cute doggies walking around town and I miss mine!” Drummond captioned the post. “Oh, and I miss Todd, too! Hope to see you again soon. Not Berry Picker, though.”

Berry Picker is one of Vail’s more difficult trails, according to HikingProject.com. In just three miles, hikers travel over 2,200 feet up the mountain, ending up at 10,300 feet above sea level. The average grade of the trail is 14%, but at times it can reach a 41% grade. It’s no surprise that the “Pioneer Woman” was hurting after she and Ladd completed the hike.

‘The Pioneer Woman’ Takes Advantage of Colorado Hiking Trails

Drummond posted stunning photos from her Berry Picker hike a few days ago. She said it took them three hours to make the hike, though that did include a few photo stops along the way.

“It was hard, oh so hard, and I griped a little, tried to quit once, and stopped a lot,” Drummond captioned the post. “But when we reached Eagle’s Nest, I had the very best burger, which I slathered unapologetically with mayonnaise and ketchup.

“I can’t feel my legs and my hips are killing me, but it gave Ladd and me a great new memory to cherish in our ripe old age” the “Pioneer Woman” continued. “I love him, and am so happy and grateful he’s here with me.”

One of Drummond’s followers commented that high elevation can be a “butt-kicker” but congratulated her on finishing the hike. The “Pioneer Woman” responded by saying, “The locals call Berry Picker ‘A** Kicker’ – so you are right!!”

Ree Drummond Reminds Everyone How Incredibly Humble She Is

In her “Bye bye Vail” post, Drummond wears a nice-looking brown Apple Watch band. One of her followers noted the band and asked where the “Pioneer Woman” had purchased it. Several other fans chimed in with their guesses.

“Looks like the Hermès Apple watch band (if so, it’ll cost ya),” another follower replied with a winky face. The next comment tried to confirm that guess. “it’s Hermès and it’s $1500,” the user wrote. Pretty hefty for an Apple Watch band, but the “Food Network” star could definitely swing it.

However, Drummond cut in before anyone else could comment. “The brand is ‘Bestig’ and it was about 25 bucks,” she replied with a smiley face emoji. The rest of the commenters laughed and applauded Ree for “keeping it real.”

“Way to set ’em straight,” one commenter said.