‘The Rookie’: John Nolan Gets Kidnapped in Explosive Sneak Peek

by Jonathan Howard

This season of The Rookie is well underway and in episode 7, it looks like John Nolan is getting into big trouble and is going to need saving. You never want to end up a kidnapping victim.

Nathan Fillion’s character is going to get a lot of attention in this episode. Now, he has faced danger before, but this is a new set of dangers. There is no telling what might happen when we get to the episode. Is there going to be anyone there to save him, and if so, who? Perhaps this is an episode where Nolan is going to have to save himself. Bailey might be able to help, but there aren’t a lot of other options.

Check out the promo below.

“In the aftermath of Fred’s house explosion, Officer Nolan and Bailey discover there’s more to Fred’s death than meets the eye,” a synopsis reads. “Meanwhile, Officer Chen and Officer Bradford demand a treasure hunt rematch and enlist Officer Grey to help set the terms to a new bet, all while they arrest a series of wealthy female criminals. Elsewhere, Wesley struggles to keep it together under the pressure of his debt to Elijah.”

In just this 30 second clip, we see a lot of bad stuff going on for the crew on The Rookie. First, an explosion that leaves the team a little worse off than they were before. Then, it becomes clear that there is a predator lurking around. Meanwhile, Nolan and Bailey are figuring out that there is more to Fred’s death than they originally thought.

‘The Rookie’ Officer Nolan Gets Run Over

As the video plays, Nolan attempts to track down this killer. Before that happens, he finds himself on the wrong end of a car. Incapacitated, we see the officer being tied up and beaten down while he screams and the video ends. Fans are going to want to tune in to see exactly who is behind all of this violence and destruction.

The Rookie continues with Season 4 and there are a lot of questions to answer. In his role as Officer Nolan, Nathan Fillion puts himself in harm’s way in order to get to the bottom of the case. That is the case in Fred’s death as we get closer to an answer. It looks like Bailey might end up on the injured roster and the other officers are off to get a treasure hunt rematch.

Between the bets and the drama, there is a lot going on in the new episode. Officer Nolan is going to need help as he struggles to break free. However, it is unclear if he is going to be able to do it alone. If he can’t, how will anyone know where to find him? Tied up and laying on the ground, Fillion’s character is not in a great position.