‘The Rookie’ Teases Drama and Family Secrets in Upcoming Episode

by Matthew Memrick

Get ready for a showdown, some drama, and revealed family secrets on “The Rookie” with next week’s “The Breakdown” episode.

After last week’s “Hit and Run” show and a teaser trailer for next week’s episode, we start to see how the past of some characters will come to a head. The teaser trailer billed the episode as the “Winter Finale.” The folks at CarterMatt took a quick look and asked some good questions.

By the way, spoilers from this most recent episode are below, so you’ve been warned.

Kudos For Latest ‘Rookie’ Episode

First of all, the multiple-camera angle idea turned out to be great for fans. When Diaz and Nolan are called to a house and get sprayed with automatic gunfire bullets, we know there’s going to be some city-wide chase ahead.

This recent “Rookie” episode teased scenes with a cop body camera and security camera footage. Even the bad guy recorded some locations, and fans often wondered if he was right there or what?

On two occasions, cops had to bust into sketchy vehicles. The cops needed an extra set of eyes for one van to see if trouble could happen.

I could go back and watch the show a few times and probably see new things.

‘Breakdown’ Poised To Be Drama-filled

A running theme with this season has been Wesley’s dealings with crime boss Elijah. The lawyer had done some dirty work due to information he got from Elijah. He’s still under the man’s thumb, and with this past episode, Diaz is trying to figure out how to handle the situation.

When Wesley agrees to wear a wire for future Elijah dealings, we know that can be risky. I’ll expect some shootout which seems like another crazy moment in the lives of these newborn parents. We can see they won’t bring the baby to the precinct anytime soon.

The next episode also brings back Nolan’s relationship with firefighter Bailey Nune (Jenna Dewan), and you have to wonder how much of that can get into the action-packed winter finale. Will we see the former “rookie” cop take the next step in the relationship?

Also, since Nolan is running for the division’s union rep position against longtime cop Smitty (Brent Huff), will we find out if he gets the job? The last episode opened and closed with that plot, so maybe we’ll get a little more next week.

Also, there will be more closure to the storyline with Bradford and his sister Genny. That storyline seems to take a backseat to the Wesley one, but I’ll admit I’m curious about this house. If Nolan can use some of those contractor skills from his past life and make it into a million-dollar home, I’ll be impressed. 

After “The Breakdown,” there’s maybe one more episode slated for the season. A Wikipedia writer said the “Heart Beat” Jan. 2, 2022 episode is coming, but that’s about it. There’s no posting yet of it on IMDb.