The Trailer for Tom Hanks’ Futuristic Western ‘Finch’ Has Finally Arrived

by Megan Molseed

Apple TV+ has released the first official trailer of the upcoming Tom Hanks film Finch. And, Tom Hanks fans are excited that the long-awaited dystopian sci-fi adventure film is almost here! The trailer looks amazing. But, can we expect anything less from a Tom Hanks film that also stars a robot named Jeff, and a fuzzy dog? Just this alone tells us Finch is going to be an amazing flick.

In the upcoming film, Hanks plays the title character, Finch. The sixty-five-year-old actor portrays a robotics engineer who is one of the sole survivors of a solar flare event.

With his extensive knowledge about robotics, Finch creates a robot whom he names Jeff (Caleb Landry Jones) to take care of Finch’s best buddy, Goodyear the dog, when he isn’t around.

It Happened So Fast

“It all happened so fast,” Hanks’s Finch says sadly in the trailer for the upcoming film.

“There was a solar flare,” the robotics engineer explains in the trailer; while scenes of a deserted planet fill the screen. Rolls of dust and dirt take over entire areas, dark abandoned buildings seem to be all that is left.

“Goodbye crops and food,” he says forlornly. “Goodbye, everything.”

Suddenly the engineer is in what looks to be an underground area. A laboratory he has made into a home.

“So I hid,” Finch says in the voiceover.

“Frightened and so alone,” he says. “And I found you,’ he continues addressing Goodyear as the pup runs up to greet him.

The mood shifts almost immediately as the two greet each other, Goodyear enjoying his belly rubs.

Jeff’s One and Only Job

Finch then creates Jeff to help him take care of Goodyear in his absence.

Jeff knows his purpose from the start…robots must protect dog….and the three set out to find a safe place to settle.

“If we don’t go before that storm hits, we’ll die,” Finch says in the trailer as the trio prepares for the journey. “All of us.”

During the journey, the travelers experience some heartwarming – and hilarious moments while on the road.

You can’t help but laugh at Jeff learning how to walk, or his attempt at learning to “talk dog.”

The moment that Hanks’s character, Finch, teaches Jeff how to drive is one that certainly had us cracking up in the trailer.

However, while these moments are heartwarmingly fun, it is still clear that time is short for the trio; and the post-apocalyptic world offers some kind of danger in whatever direction they look.

Finch, Jeff, and Goodyear: A Perfect Team

“We should be safe once we get into the mountains but things will happen, like 150-degree heat, UV radiation, and people hiding in the shadows,” Finch warns. 

“Do you think we’ll make it?” Jeff asks Finch in the sneak-peak. 

“Not without my team,” Finch says to his robot helper. “What we do, we do together.” 

“I believe in you Finch,” Jeff tells his creator.

So do we, Jeff. So do we.  

Finch is set to premiere on November 5 on Apple TV +.