‘The Voice’ and ‘9-1-1’ Both Tie ‘Dancing With the Stars’ for Top Spot in Monday Ratings

by Anna Dunn

The Monday night ratings saw The Voice and 9-1-1 tie with Dancing With the Stars for the top spot. The three shows followed took home the tie for top spot. They all drew in a .7 rating for the coveted 18-49 demo.

In comparison to last week, however, all three shows took a hit. 9-1-1 drew in a 0.8 demo and 4.9 million viewers last week. It took the biggest hit and while it lead the ratings last Monday night, it fell to a tie with the two reality competition shows.

The Voice held steady in its demo rating but lost viewers this week. Dancing With The Stars faced the same problem, remaining steady in the demo but losing viewers. Later in the night, NCIS drew in a .6 demo rating and following that, NCIS: Hawai’i, while its brought in plenty of viewers, saw its weakest night so far.

‘The Voice’ Saw its First Live Playoffs Episode of the Season

Last night was the first live episode of The Voice. The singing competition is heating up and started the night with 20 contestants left. However, a 21st contestant gets to get voted back onto The Voice by America, with results for that coming tonight.

Of the 20 contestants last night on The Voice, a few performances stood out above the rest.

First, on team Blake, Wendy Moten absolutely dazzled. Shelton even admitted he wanted a win for her this year, and many fans would agree. The singer brings unbelievable talent to every single performance. Her talent is off the charts. It would be an absolute shock if she didn’t at least make it to the finals. Last night, she covered Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You.

Another standout performance came from Hailey Mia on Team Kelly. This season’s youngest contestant somehow seems to improve leaps and bounds with every performance. Her cover of Olivia Rodrigo’s Traitor wasn’t just impressive for her age, but for any singer. For many, Mia’s cover was one of the standout performances of the night.

Samuel Harness’s cover of So Sick over on Team Legend was mind-blowing. He sings with a TON of intensity and power and brought a ton of energy to his performance. But aside from the energy, the man can REALLY sing.

Wendy Moten wasn’t the only person to shine last night on team blake. Paris Winningham brought some serious fire with his rendition of I Wish it Could Rain. Shelton stole Winningham from team John and boy, it looks like it played off.

Team Ariana definitely seemed to struggle a bit last night. A lot of her singers seemed to struggle to get their performances off the ground. Hopefully, the remaining members will be able to redeem themselves in the next rounds, or Ariana Grande might be in trouble come finale night.

The Voice airs on NBC every Monday and Tuesday night at 8/7 central if you want to check it out. You can also check out Outsider’s full recap on last nights episode.