‘The Voice’: Blake Shelton Discusses Decision To Bring in Dierks Bentley as Battle Advisor

by Amy Myers

If you thought Team Blake couldn’t get any better, think again. The Voice judge recently announced that Dierks Bentley will be joining his team as his Battle Advisor. The pairing is only natural since Shelton and Bentley have been friends for years and even began their careers around the same time. In fact, Shelton released his debut, self-titled album just two years before Bentley’s first, Don’t Leave Me In Love. As two of the biggest country stars of the century, Shelton and Bentley will no doubt lead their contestants to the top of the competition.

“I brought in none other than my old friend, Dierks Bentley,” The Voice judge shared. “Dierks is Grammy-nominated. He’s won tons of country awards. He brings a ton of experience to the table.”

Bentley returned the sentiment, echoing the “Minimum Wage” singer’s feelings of friendship and admiration.

“Blake’s a good friend of mine from way back,” The Voice Battle Advisor said. “We kind of cut our teeth on the same type of music, and we’re both old-school honkytonkers.”

Watch as Shelton and Bentley unite their vocal expertise in the clip below.

‘The Voice’ Battle Advisor Expresses Excitement for Working with Team Blake Contestants

In preparation for the Battle Rounds of The Voice, Shelton discussed his excitement to be collaborating with Bentley. Although, from the looks of it, their relationship seems to involve more play than work. Immediately upon seeing the fellow country star, Shelton couldn’t help but comment on Bentley’s new hairstyle.

“What happened to your hair?” The Voice judge exclaimed.

Bentley, previously known for his short-cut blond hair, has opted for longer locks these days – apparently, the longest that Shelton has ever seen. The “Burning Man” singer returned the question, later adding that Shelton had more grays than he had ever seen before.

Besides having the chance to poke a little fun at his good friend, Bentley was happy to join Team Blake to offer guidance to the budding vocalists.

“I’m so excited to get a chance to go in there and offer up any advice that I can, not only here on The Voice but also down the road with whatever they do with their career,” Bentley explained.

According to the two country legends, Team Blake just became Team Di-Lake.

Meanwhile, Shelton’s competing judges have chosen their right-hand men and women, too. Kelly Clarkson now has fellow country star Jason Aldean on her team, while John Legend chose pop-star Camila Cabello. Finally, newcomer Ariana Grande decided to invite her idol, Kristin Chenoweth, to her team. With two pop stars and two country stars beside this season’s The Voice judges, it seems the upcoming Battle Rounds will involve gritty, heartfelt lyrics with plenty of runs and riffs.