‘The Voice’: Blake Shelton Explains Why He Picked Up His Latest Team Member, Manny Keith

by Suzanne Halliburton

Blake Shelton had the oddest selection on Monday’s The Voice when he picked Manny Keith for his team.

Consider this: Shelton, the country superstar picked the self-confessed biggest Ariana Grande fan who could be John Legend’s long-lost brother.

Yet Shelton was the only judge/mentor from The Voice to turn around when he heard Keith sing. He tweeted a clip with “let’s do this thing” to celebrate.

Shelton Welcomed Keith to ‘Losery 8-Time Champion of The Voice

When he made the pick, Shelton told Keith: “Anyway, man, you’re stuck with the loser-y, eight-time champion of The Voice. Welcome to Team Blake.”

And to recap why he picked Keith, Shelton said: “Manny’s a great performer. I mean, he was all over the stage. He’s an entertainer. And I love that energy. I love his voice.”

The Voice continued Monday with more auditions. Keith is a 31-year-old pop singer from Miami. And he sold Shelton with his performance of Dua Lipa’s Break My Heart.

The other The Voice judges were very complimentary, even though none of them turned around for Keith.

John Legend told Keith that he felt “very inviting and welcoming.” Meanwhile, new judge Ariana Grande, who has made it known that she plans to beat Shelton this season, told Keith he sang like JC Chasez from NSYNC. Keith then gushed that he was the biggest Grande fan in the world.

That led Grande to say she was sorry Shelton turned around to snatch him away. “Hopefully, I’ll have the opportunity to steal you at some point.”

And of course, everyone took note of Keith’s resemblance to Legend. Shelton said the two shared the same closet, given they have the same taste in clothing.

Then, Shelton speculated as to why he turned around for Keith and not Grande. He said, “when I hit my button, I think I intimidated her.”

The Voice social media account tweeted a link to Keith’s performance. Enjoy.

As Auditions Continued Shelton Wished His Wife a Happy Birthday

The Voice blind auditions happened earlier this year. All the action is captured on tape. The live shows return when the teams are picked.

Meanwhile, Shelton honored his new wife’s birthday this weekend. He fell in love with Gwen Stefani when she was a judge on the show. Stefani turned 52, Sunday. It was her first birthday the two celebrated as husband and wife.

Shelton posted a photo from their July 3 wedding day on Instagram with the heart-felt caption: “Happy birthday to my better half.. my WIFE!!!! I love you Gwen Stefani!” 

There was other The Voice news, although we’re not exactly sure what it is. Kelly Clarkson tweeted Monday: “There’s an announcement happening tomorrow for The Voice. Any guesses?!”

Then, John Legend also teased an announcement. Stay tuned for Tuesday’s show.