‘The Voice’s Carter Rubin Spills Important Advice Gwen Stefani Gave Him After His Win

by Katie Maloney

After becoming the youngest-ever male winner of The Voice on Tuesday night, Carter Rubin says his win is due, in part, to Gwen Stefani’s coaching.

“She’s given me such incredible advice that I’ve really taken to heart,” says Rubin during an interview with ET. “I’m just so grateful and so blessed because there’s been so many incredibly talented singers this season,” he continues. “I think my win was due to Gwen’s coaching. She’s phenomenal.”

Rubin says that knowing that Stefani truly believes in him “means the world” to him. However, positive energy and encouragement aren’t the only things Stefani has provided Rubin with this season. Rubin says that Stefani has also given him practical advice about moving forward after his win. Having started her career at a young age as well, Stefani has the experience that can help Rubin navigate his own career.

“She says that this is the perfect time for me to start writing songs,” says Rubin. “And I completely agree. “I want to keep expanding on my music career. I plan to start writing songs and getting in the studio and recording them,” says Rubin.

Carter Rubin opens up about his relationship with coach Gwen Stefani during an interview with ET.

Carter Rubin Is Stefani’s First Win On The Show

After five seasons with The Voice, Stefani finally clinched a win with Rubin. During the blind auditions at the beginning of the season, coaches John Legend and Stefani both turned around for Rubin. However, Stefani ultimately snagged Rubin as a member of her team after assuring him that she can help him develop an identity for himself on the stage. Since then, Rubin says the two have developed a close bond.

“We’ve built a very close bond,” says Rubin. “She’s so down to earth and genuine and we’re talking on the level about what direction I want to go with the song I’m singing,” he continues. “She definitely wants the best for me because she’s worked so hard to get to this point. She really believes in me, which means the world.”

As a winner of the show, Rubin won a $100,000 grand prize and a recording contract. Rubins says that, once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, he plans to perform in front of live audiences again. “I really miss the adrenaline you get from live performance,” says Rubin.