‘The Voice’: Kelly Clarkson Moved To Tears by Contestant’s Celine Dion Cover

by Jonathan Howard

Tonight is a big night as The Voice enters week two of live performances. There have been saves but elimination is coming for some this week. Last week showed how much the coaches care heading into the final weeks of the show.

There have already been tears shed tonight. During his performance Jeremy Rosado, the Team Kelly performer took on a Celine Dion song. Because You Loved Me is the song Rosado chose. His large frame, voice, and personality made the music come to life on stage. He owned it, hitting the big notes just right and sending chills down everyone’s spines.

It seemed that Kelly Clarkson stood up as soon as he hit that first big crescendo. He has the look and the confidence of a great R&B performer. Now, watch Jeremy control the stage and earn huge applause for his performance.

It’s always important to show off the range of your voice in these final weeks. Coaches and fans want to see the artists put it all out there. They also want to see them choose songs that work with their style and voice. That is what Jeremy did and then some. Celine Dion isn’t easy for a lot of people. He was able to bring it down to a lower octave, but take it right back up with his falsetto.

The Voice top-13 performances are going down tonight and tomorrow night. There are going to be heartbroken this week. Not everyone can make it into the third week of the live shows. However, each should be proud of what they have done. Before Jeremy took the stage, Ryleigh Plank rocked out a Fleetwood Mac classic. The Team Ariana singer performed well.

‘The Voice’ Competition Boils Down in Week 2 of Live Shows

During her performance, Ryleigh Plank sang the Fleetwood Mac song, Rhiannon. The rocker put on a solid performance. The coaches including her own Ariana Grande seemed to enjoy the performance. While she didn’t hit the top of her range or hold any big notes, the performance was consistent and she did a fine job. The problem is, other performances might be more memorable than hers when it is said and done.

With Jeremy Rosado taking on such a challenging song, killing it, and making it his own it begs the question, was Plank able to do the same? That is for fans to figure out as they vote on their favorite performers. She was saved last week, but that isn’t going to be on the table this week.

These are just two of 13 performances for the week. This is going to be a hard decision to make for fans. Jeremy was able to bring tears to Kelly’s eyes. Plank rocked the stage and might find herself moving on to next week depending on how the rest of the acts do. There is a lot more to learn before the eliminations on The Voice.