‘The Voice’: Watch Adam Levine Get Massive Leg Tattoo That Took 13 Hours

by Shelby Scott

“The Voice” host Adam Levine recently featured in a video shared by tattoo artist Bill Canale that documented the entire 13-hour process leading to the addition of Levine’s latest, and probably largest, tattoo. The tattoo features a Japanese-inspired serpent that wraps around the length of the Maroon 5 singer’s right leg.

The full video, just over 7 minutes in length, captures Levine’s latest tattoo process from start to finish. The video’s greyscale and instrumental accompaniment made the overall process incredibly peaceful and satisfying to watch.

At the end of the process, People magazine quotes Canales who called Levine “a true warrior to say the least,” after enduring so many hours under the needle. Clearly, Levine has a passion for tattoos after dedicating 13 hours to the completion of his latest one. According to People, Levine also possesses two full sleeves up his arms. In addition, those are accompanied by over a dozen smaller designs across the entirety of his body.

“Tattoos wind up being this strange roadmap or narrative over the years. They always remind me of this long, weird, awesome journey life has been,” he told People during a 2013 interview. In reference to his new ink, Levine said, “Today was ouch but worth it.”

How Many Tattoos Does Adam Levine Have?

If you watched the full length of the 7-minute video, you probably noticed that Levine has little room left for new ink. So how many tattoos does the artist have precisely? The Cut did an extensive feature on Levine’s tattoos and you can view the full article here. But for now, we just wanted to feature a couple.

According to The Cut, Levine got his first tattoo when he was 21 as a tribute to 9/11. While in Japan, he chose a tattoo of beaded necklace out of boredom.

One of the most interesting pieces is the skull-cradling winged mermaid that takes up residency across the breadth of Levine’s back. The article states that Levine spent six months having this tattoo done, consistently posting close-ups on his Instagram prior to the major reveal.

Another interesting piece is the Sanskrit word “TAPAS” emblazoned on the left side of his chest, right above his heart. Levine shared that this piece was inspired by his love for yoga, and that the word “Tapas” stands for fire or passion. “This keeps me connected to something that’s changed my life,” he shared.

Although simple, one of the more meaningful tattoos Adam Levine sports on his body is a Roman numeral “X” that lives on his left bicep. It permanently marks the 10th anniversary of his band Maroon 5.

While we could go on and on, that may take all day. If you’re interested in viewing the intricacies of Adam Levine’s tattoos, again, check it out in the hyperlink above.