‘The Voice’s Carter Rubin Discusses What He May Spend His Prize Money On: ‘I Want to Use It For Good’

by Jennifer Shea

“The Voice” Season 19 winner Carter Rubin, 15, said he may want to spend his award money on some good causes.

Asked by Entertainment Tonight what he’d do with his monetary award – maybe a car? – Rubin said he wants to “use it for good.”

Carter Rubin Wants to ‘Use It For Good’

“I don’t know, maybe [a car],” Rubin said. He explained, “I haven’t thought much about it yet.” But “I want to spend it wisely, for sure, and I want to use it for good. I don’t want to waste it.”

Rubin and his coach, singer Gwen Stefani, just won the season this week. It was Stefani’s first win in five seasons on the show.

Rubin is a sophomore at Shoreham-Wading River High School in Shoreham, New York. He also got a recording contract as part of his prize on “The Voice.”

“I’m still in shock, still trying to comprehend what the heck just happened last night,” Rubin said. “But I’m just so grateful and so blessed, because there has been so many incredibly talented singers this season.”

“I think my win was due to Gwen’s coaching, because she’s phenomenal,” he added. “She’s given me such incredible advice that I’ve really taken to heart. If I had a reason to win, it was definitely for her… I just really wanted to win this for her, because she deserves it.”

That Adrenaline From Performing

As for what’s next, Rubin said he’d like to get in the studio and record his own songs. He said he wants to be a “worldwide” phenomenon and eventually perform live concerts in front of audiences.

“I plan on writing a lot of songs, and getting in the studio and recording them,” he said. “And once Covid is over, I want to perform in front of live audiences again, because I’ve really missed the adrenaline you get from, you know, live performance.”

Watch Rubin’s ET interview here: