‘The Waltons’ Star Eric Scott Revealed How His Mother Became an ‘On-Set Mom’ for Cast

by Anna Dunn

When you’re a child star, your parents may peak in on set a lot. For The Waltons star Eric Scott, his mom actually became an on-set mom for the whole cast. Scott played Ben Walton on the show.

Eric Scott’s mom came to set all the time to support him and keep an eye out. Unfortunately, other kids’ parents either weren’t or couldn’t be there as much.

“She watched out for the other kids, too,” he explained to Media Village. “She became the set-mom for a lot of them because there were those who did not have that kind of consistency. Maybe their moms came down a little bit but they had babysitters. And that’s part of it too.”

His mom was hopefully a huge help because according to Scott, there was “intense pressure” from the studio for the kids to perform very well and “stay on your spot. say all your lines” and “don’t make it difficult.”

While the cast often felt unappreciated by the studio, they did have a close bond with each other and helped each other through the harder days.

‘The Waltons’ Once had A Very Special Guest Star

While the cast was pretty tight-knit, they were more than willing to let Ron Howard in on the fun. Mary-Ellen actress Judy Norton recently explained what it was like to work with Howard. She described him as “such a talent, right from the beginning of his career.”

“This was sort of in-between doing those early things as a child and right before he started doing Happy Days. Of course, he went on to do all kinds of brilliant work both in front of the camera and behind the camera, so it was a real treat to have him,” Norton explained.

Ron played Seth turner on the show in an episode called The Gift. During the episode, Norton, who was a fan of Howard’s and had watched him on The Andy Griffith Show, got to dance with Howard. She jokingly still gushes about that to this day.

Norton released her video on The Gift as a part of her series titled Behind the Scenes of The Waltons. It takes a look at what it was like for Norton working on the show, and what she thinks of it now. Norton often tells stories of the cast. Norton also talks about her own opinions on certain episodes. She also frequently does Q & A videos as well.

The Waltons was a major part of many people’s TV watching experience, and it’s nice to know that the child actors on set had a mother figure to turn to while working. Now, many of them are parents of their own. While it’s been decades since The Waltons aired, you can still easily catch re-runs.