‘The Waltons’: Judy Norton Points Out One Scene Inconsistency in ‘The Statue’ Episode

by Keeli Parkey

In a recent installment of her “Behind the Scenes of ‘The Waltons’” video series, actress Judy Norton discussed “The Statue.” This episode was part of the show’s third season. Norton played the eldest Walton daughter, Mary Ellen, in the still-beloved family drama.

In this episode of “The Waltons,” Grandpa Zeb Walton (played by Will Geer) wins a raffle. His prize is a statue.

“Now, Miss Mamie and Miss Emily have donated this statue that Grandpa wins based on the character Annabel Lee from an Edgar Allen Poe poem that throughout the episode Grandpa recites pieces of,” Norton summarizes the plot.

While rewatching this episode of “The Waltons,” the actress noticed an inconsistency with one scene. The inconsistency Judy Walton noticed in this episode of “The Waltons” involves an encounter between John-Boy Walton (played by Richard Thomas) and his mother, Olivia Walton (played by Michael Learned).

“In this shot, I did a double-take because I know how that upper hallway was laid out,” Norton said. “And I have mentioned that the parents’ room doubled as the girls’ room – they just changed out the furniture.”

The layout of the upper hallway in this scene of “The Waltons” did not match up with what Norton remembered.

“So, the layout of that upper hallway did not make sense to me as Olivia comes from a door and then moving this direction and knocks on John-Boy’s door,” she explained. “That would have meant that the door she came from was actually where the attic door was.”

‘The Waltons’ Actress Judy Norton Said Scene Layout ‘Didn’t Make Any Sense’ At First

At first, this change was confusing for the actress.

“So, that didn’t make any sense, which to me, said ‘Oh, that must have been her coming from what was usually their bedroom door or the girls’ bedroom door. And if she moved to her right she would have been knocking on the boys’ bedroom door,'” Judy Norton said.

Then she realized why this scene was shot the way it was.

“So, just a case of them cheating what was going on and creating a different illusion for the purposes of the scene, but not the reality of what actually existed there,” “The Waltons” actress said.

You can watch Judy Norton talk about “The Statue” episode of “The Waltons” below. She begins talking about the inconsistency in the scene between John-Boy and Olivia around the four-minute mark.

According to Judy Norton, the script of “The Statue” episode of “The Waltons” was written by show creator Earl Hamner. Sumner Long came up with the story idea. The director of the episode was Ralph Waite, who played father John Walton in the series.

Working with Waite as a director was something Norton enjoyed.

“It was always fun working with Ralph as a director. He was very creative and liked to do things that were, you know, just fun with it,” she shared. “And he knew us all so well and the characters and the stories that he could bring additional personal little elements to it that another director who hadn’t spent as much time many not know.”