‘The Waltons’: Judy Norton Reveals a ‘Cheating’ Set Layout From ‘The Statue’ Episode

by Anna Dunn

The Waltons actress Judy Norton has been keeping the memory of the hit show alive. She’s done this by making a YouTube series called Behind the Scenes With The Waltons. In the series, she talks about everything from what it was like to work with certain cast members and guests, how scenes were shot, to what the set looked like.

In a recent episode, Norton talked about an interesting set layout from an episode called The Statue. The episode finds Grandpa winning a prize in a raffle. Unfortunately, Grandma’s feelings get hurt when she realizes the prize is a statue that looks like one of Grandpa’s ex-girlfriends.

‘The Waltons’ Episode Used a Unique Set Cheat

In one scene, viewers can see Grandma come out of the living room. What’s behind her based on the layout of the house should be the stairs. Norton breaks it all down.

“You should be able to see the stairs up to the second story from the front door because that was the layout there for real on [what we saw of] the interior of the house. In this case, all you see is sort of a wall with a table and a lamp,” Norton explained.

“That’s not what you would have seen when walking through the front door. But [it was] another case of cheating because there wasn’t really anything inside that door on the backlot besides sort of a wall and very little space right in there,” she finished.

Essentially, producers decided that instead of trying to move the set and give it more space to put in some stairs, they’d just shortcut it. It’s a hardly noticeable detail and likely saved a ton of precious set time.

Judy Norton also Talked about ‘The Thoroughbred’ Episode

Norton has gone into a lot of episodes recently, including an episode called The Thoroughbred. She talked a lot about how production used stuntwork throughout that episode to make it all possible. The Thoroughbred episode of The Waltons follows John-Boy. He and his family mule compete against a rich boy and his thoroughbred in a competition. This is that his grandfather had won years before, so stakes are high.

Obviously, horseback riding, or in John-Boys case mule-riding, requires a lot of stunt work, so they did have to hire stunt riders for the episode.

“Obviously, when you can see the actors’ faces, you know that’s the actor. But in some of the longer shots where you can’t tell, I am sure the actors, Carl and Richard, were both being doubled, just for safety reasons,” she said.

Judy Norton has been providing important historical insight into a hit series that meant a lot to a lot of people. Her frequent videos are keeping old fans coming back for more with each upload.