‘The Waltons’: Remembering All the Pets the Family Had on Show

by Joe Rutland

With a family the size of “The Waltons,” then you knew there were going to be a lot of animals roaming around their place on Walton Mountain.

There were lots of animals. If you remember, youngest daughter Elizabeth usually had her hand either in bringing them home or taking care of them. But other Walton children also had their moments with animals, too.

This list will make you start to add up family members and animals together. Once you get that number, then you can see how many animals were a part of “The Waltons” series for many years.

Step back and take a look at the number of animals appearing on the Earl Hamner-created CBS family drama. So, if you’re ready, let’s go.

List Of Animals Appearing On ‘The Waltons’ TV Series

The following list is made up of animals by name along with a little biographical tidbit or two about them.

  • Reckless – Now this golden labrador spends his time guarding the house. He also has strong hunting skills, too. Reckless shows up in a lot of episodes but dies in the eighth season’s sixth episode called “The Journal.”
  • Chance – This is the family’s milking cow. Sadly, Chance dies in the second season’s 22nd episode called “The Graduation.” Thankfully for the family, though, John Walton (Ralph Waite) goes and gets another new milking cow called Chance No. 2 for $20.
  • Bullet – Here is Chance’s baby bull. He is born in the first season’s third episode, “The Calf.” In the episode, John Walton sells the calf yet the Walton children grow to love him. What do they do? Chores for the baby bull’s new owner in order to get him back with them.
  • Pete – Oh that Elizabeth and her animals. Here’s a young raccoon she finds and asks John for his help in nursing him back to health. Yes, the family knows he probably will die. Elizabeth takes it personally when John is too busy to give her and the raccoon much attention. All of this takes place in the first season’s eighth episode, “The Boy From The C.C.C.”
  • Jim-Bob Jr. – Jim-Bob helps this duckling hatch by incubating the egg under his arm in the first season’s 23rd episode called “The Townie.”
  • Daisy – Mary Ellen gets a lamb and calls it Daisy. It’s born during the second season’s second episode called “The Odyssey.”
  • Old Blue – Even John-Boy gets into the animal action as he takes to a mule given to him by Granny Ketchum. It turns out John-Boy needs it when a friend develops a fever while about to give birth. This also happens in “The Odyssey.”

Grover, Lancelot, And Other Animals From ‘The Waltons’

  • Grover – This time, Ben has a pig that he wants to enter into the fair’s Greased Pig competition. This happens in the second season’s eighth episode called “The Prize.”
  • Lancelot – OK, now Erin joins the animal crew. It’s a young motherless deer she finds in the woods. Erin takes care of it throughout the second season’s ninth episode called “The Fawn.”
  • Fibber – Elizabeth, Jim-Bob, and Luke find an Alaskan Hound dog and bring him back home from a litter of puppies at Ike’s. What happens? Well, Luke takes Fibber with him as he moves to Richmond, Va., with his father. This comes from the second season’s 21st episode called “The Ghost Story.”
  • Porthos – Jim-Bob finds himself in charge of the school’s guinea pig. But the animal dies on his watch. A distraught Jim-Bob runs away because no one in the family is listening to him. This happens in the third season’s fourth episode called “The Runaway.”
  • Myrtle – Elizabeth gets a goat from Maude Gormley but Myrtle keeps going back to Maude. It’s hard for the goat to understand that her new home with the Waltons. This happens in the fourth season’s seventh episode called “The Wing-Walker.”
  • Calico – Poor Elizabeth. Her cat gives birth to three kittens but ends up dying. This sad occasion happens in the fourth season’s 10th episode called “The Loss.”
  • Rover – A noisy peacock that belongs to Jim-Bob appears in the fifth season’s fourth episode called “The Baptism.”
  • Ruby – This animal is a peahen who happens to be a buddy of Rover the peacock. Ruby appears in the sixth season’s sixth episode called “The Volunteer.”

Dynamite, Gingerbread, Judy Appear On ‘The Waltons’

  • Dynamite – Remember Chance No. 2? Well, Dynamite is a calf that Chance No. 2 gives birth to in the sixth season. It happens in the ninth episode called “The Battle of Drucilla’s Pond.”
  • Gingerbread – This is the baby from Myrtle the goat. It makes its appearance in the sixth season’s 10th episode of “The Waltons” called “The Flight.”
  • Judy – Our little Elizabeth gets a pony from the funny-yet-dense Baldwin sisters. The gift comes her way after she breaks her legs. All of this happens in the sixth season’s 19th episode called “The Ordeal.”
  • Jay-Bez – Elizabeth, again, gets a pig from Clarence. It’s for her 4-H project and it happens in the sixth season’s 22nd episode called “Grandma Comes Home.”
  • Chirpee – Grandma Walton (Ellen Corby) needs some company after her husband Zeb (Will Geer) dies. The canary keeps her company and makes its formal entrance in the seventh season’s sixth episode called “The Portrait.”
  • Nick – After Reckless dies, Jeffrey gets another dog and names it after ol’ Saint Nicholas. It all goes down in the eighth season’s 12th episode called “The Spirit.”
  • Harold – Jeffrey finds this cat, but Harold ends up giving birth to two kittens named Apollo and Aphrodite. Jeffery, though, keeps calling his cat Harold. Go figure. Anyway, this takes place in the eighth season’s 13th episode, “The Fastidious Wife.”
  • Molly – Again, our little Elizabeth has a horse that John Walton buys her. Sadly, Molly breaks her leg and has to be put down. Molly doesn’t die right away, though. She gives birth to a colt, then is put down. All of this activity takes place in the ninth season’s first episode called “The Outrage.”
  • Pepper – This is the name of Molly’s colt that Drew Cutler buys from Elizabeth in “The Outrage.”

Well, fans of “The Waltons” can read this list and check off to see how many of these animals you remember from the episodes.