‘The Wonder Years’ Reboot Narrator Revealed

by Matthew Wilson

“The Wonder Years” reboot has been busy in recent weeks filling out its cast. And the show has found a pretty big-name actor to play its narrator. Actor Don Cheadle will lend his voice to the show.

According to Variety, Cheadle will voice the grown-up main character Dean, who is reflecting back on his childhood years. The original series used a similar technique to tie together its various episodes and plot outlines. Daniel Stern served as the older version of Fred Savage’s character during that series.

Cheadle has made a career in Hollywood as a go-to actor. He’s starred in movies such as the “Ocean’s Eleven” series, “Crash,” Boogie Nights,” and also “Traffic” as well. For his role in “Hotel Rwanda,” Cheadle was nominated for the Academy Award. In recent years, Cheadle has starred in big-budget franchises like the Marvel Cinematic Universe for instance. He will also play the main villain in the upcoming “Space Jam” sequel.

But Cheadle is also no stranger to the small screen. He previously starred in the Showtime series “House of Lies,” netting him numerous award nominations. He also currently stars in “Black Monday” with a Disney Plus series “Armor Wars” on the way as well.

‘The Wonder Years’ Reboot’s Setting

Actor Elisha Williams will play the younger version of Dean on the show. Likewise, Saycon Sengbloh will portray the family’s matriarch, Lillian Williams. Lillian will juggle between her job as an accountant and her responsibilities raising her family. Dule Hill and Laura Kariuki also star in the series.

ABC ordered a pilot of the series. Like the original series, “The Wonder Years” will focus on a period of time between the late 1960s and 70s. But the reboot will focus on a black middle-class family growing up in Montgomery, Alabama. The show will pick up in the time shortly after the Civil Rights Movement in the South.

While he’s not starring in the series, Fred Savage is executive producing and is also directing the pilot. Meanwhile, original creator Neal Marlens will serve as a consultant on the project. It remains to be seen how the tone will compare to the original series.

The original “Wonder Years” ran for six seasons, from 1988 to 1993 on ABC. The show was highly successful for its time, focusing on the challenges of growing up. Across the various seasons, audiences watched as Savage’s Kevin faced various trials and tribulations. Over the course of the series, Kevin grew up and eventually fell in love. Today audiences remember it as an 80’s classic.