Ticketmaster Requiring Negative COVID Test Before Fans Can Attend Shows, Concertgoers are Furious

by Jennifer Shea

Ticketmaster has hatched a plan to require that concertgoers get vaccinated or test negative for coronavirus in order to attend shows.

The plan relies on smartphones to verify concertgoers’ status, Billboard reports. 

Difficult Plan for Concertgoers

It’s no longer enough just to buy a ticket for a concert. Audience members would also have to work with three different companies to get into the show. There’s Ticketmaster’s digital ticket app. Then there are health information companies such as CLEAR Health Pass or IBM Digital Health Pass. There are also testing and vaccine distributors like Labcorp and CVS Minute Clinic.

Ticketmaster claims it would not store or access concertgoers’ medical records. But the technology that delivers real-time vaccination results is complex. And the Food and Drug Administration has yet to approve any third-party companies to provide it.

Also, Ticketmaster enjoys a virtual monopoly over event ticketing in entertainment. Public Knowledge, a freedom of expression and telecommunications nonprofit, argued this January that Ticketmaster engages in anticompetitive behavior. And as a result, they said, the marketplace lacks transparency.

“Consumers should remain wary of the way this company stands in the way of artists and fans,” the nonprofit said.

Tweeps Furious at Ticketmaster

Consumers are indeed wary and pretty ticked off over Ticketmaster’s new plans.

“Ticketmaster wants to check your medical records and vaccine records,” tweeted Twitter user David Wolfe. “Let’s put them out of business.”

“Add Ticketmaster to the list of companies I will never use again,” Anonymous Patriot also chimed in.

“And there it is folks…” tweeted Twitter user Pomp. “The surveillance state now owns you.”

Further, even Barstool Sports took a dim view of Ticketmaster’s new plan. 

“Ticketmaster announces look into future of concerts after vaccine announcement and… we had a good run guys,” they tweeted.

Moreover, Ticketmaster is already facing a lawsuit over its refund policy. It also remains to be seen if any lawsuits will crop up over the company’s new plan.

But judging by the concertgoers’ reactions, they will probably lose some customers.