Ticketmaster Shoots Down Reports of Mandating COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements

by Matthew Wilson

Amid backlash, Ticketmaster denies it will require mandatory negative COVID-19 tests or vaccination for ticket holders. The company labeled recent reports as “incorrect.”

But the company also considered linking negative COVID-19 tests to user accounts as an optional convenience.

“We know there’s been some incorrect information being reported around safety/entry requirements and want to ensure everyone has all the facts. To clarify, there is absolutely no requirement from Ticketmaster mandating vaccines/testing,” the company wrote.

Ticketmaster Detailed Its Covid-19 Measures

On its website, the company clarified its stance on both COVID-19 safety protocols and their services. The company also insisted any policies concerning “safety/entry requirements” will be up to the venue. Venues will base their requirements based upon their own policies and local health ordinances. Additionally, Ticketmaster said it doesn’t “have the power” to set any required mandates.

“In short, we are not forcing anyone to do anything,” the company wrote. “Just exploring the ability to enhance our existing digital ticket capabilities to offer solutions for event organizers that could include testing and vaccine information with 3rd party health providers. Just a tool in the box for those that may want to use.”

The company said it is also exploring safety features for venues and event organizers. One of these features is the SmartEvent suite, which supports social distancing seats and contactless delivery. One suggested measure they considered is linking negative COVID-19 tests to ticket holder accounts. The company said it would be for the user’s convenience.

“This would allow fans to enter an event with one scan of their ticket, rather than entering and then having to wait in another line to show their health verification,” the company wrote.