‘Tiger King 2’ on Netflix: First Clip From New Season Released

by Samantha Whidden

With Tiger King 2 slated to premiere on November 17th, streaming service Netflix has released a new clip of the five-episode series.

In the new clip, viewers get an inside look at the investigation of Don Lewis, the missing husband of Tiger King star Carole Baskin. One of the interviewers reveals to the camera crew that Lewis felt like he was in danger. “He said it was over money. He had some problems with some people in the U.S. They were really bad men. I asked, ‘Bad men?’ He said, ‘Very, very bad… They will kill you.’”

The Tiger King star’s ex-boyfriend, Alan Schreier, is also in the upcoming docs-series sequel. He stated that Lewis did “horrible stuff” to Carole during their marriage. But another interviewer said, “I believe [Lewis] was a good man. But by the end, he made a mess.”

During the first season of Tiger King, it was revealed that Carole Baskin met Don Lewis in Tampa. The two had an affair while they were both still married to other people. They eventually married in 1991 after divorcing their previous spouses. 

But the marriage quickly became rough – with the Tiger King star admitting that Lewis became obsessed with sex and would frequently fly to Costa Rica. However, in July 1997, Lewis actually filed a restringing order against Baskin after she allegedly threatened to kill him. The restraining order was rejected. Despite the situation, Lewis continued to live with Baskin but would tell her multiple times that he wanted a divorce. 

In August 1997, Lewis disappeared and was declared legally dead in 2002. Baskin went on to meet and marry her current husband, Howard Baskin, in November 2004. But there was speculation that Baskin may have been responsible for his disappearance

Carole Baskin States She Wouldn’t Call the ‘Tiger King 2’ Directors ‘True Documentarians’

During a recent interview with Variety, Carole Baskin gave her honest criticism about the Tiger King directors, Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin. “I wouldn’t call Eric Goode or Rebecca Chaiklin true documentarians,” Baskin explained. “I mean, that was just a reality show dumpster fire.”

The Tiger King star also shared that her phone started ringing off the hook for three months straight after the series premiered in March 2020 on Netflix. “People cursing at me, and telling me that they wanted to burn the place to the ground. They wanted to kill me and my family and the cats.”

While discussing the Tiger King sequel, Baskin stated whatever the sequel does, she’ll have the same reaction from the public that has, to her, been misled. “Which means I have to watch it.”

Baskin went on to add that if people really wanted to know the truth about the big cat crisis in the U.S., they should watch Michael Webber’s The Conservation Game. “His film answers the important questions that Tiger King glossed over.”