Tim Allen Continues to Share Video Updates of ‘The Vik’ Hot Rod Build

by Joe Rutland

Comedian-actor Tim Allen is known not only for being funny but for his love of cars. He keeps his fans updated on his auto hijinx.

Allen is showing off a crew of auto mechanics working on “The Vik,” which will be a hot rod once its all put together. He’s been busy closing out his sitcom “Last Man Standing” on FOX.

In the video, different parts of the car are shown. Some mechanics are putting pieces together yet a lot of the video simply shows off the hot rod’s chassis and other parts.

Let’s take a look at how “The Vik” and its construction is coming along right now.

Tim Allen Shares Experience Of Getting COVID-19 Vaccine

Meanwhile, Allen thought it would be a good idea to share his own experience of getting a COVID-19 vaccine shot with people.

Last Thursday, Tim Allen, 67, sat in his car in line with other citizens at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. Health care workers have been delivering drive-by vaccine shots for people who come by while the location is open.

The comedian shared his thoughts on Twitter regarding getting the shot.

Now that would be good enough for a celebrity of Allen’s caliber to send out, right? Not so fast, my friend. Allen had a little more to share with the public.

Apparently, he got a case of the hungries and needed to take care of it before going back home. He hopes he gets there before “Last Man Standing” airs that night on FOX.

“Now I got to bust a** home, maybe grab a Chick-fil-A and catch my show,” he tweeted out.

Allen, Richard Karn Team Up For ‘Assembly Required’

If you thought that Tim Allen was going to hang up his home improvement tools, then think again. Allen is teaming up with “Home Improvement” co-star Richard Karn for an episode of “Assembly Required,” a new show from the History Channel.

The newest trailer for the show just dropped, bringing both Allen and Karn back together.

It does not let people know what in the world those two are going to get into for the show. One bright spot for fans, though, was catching Allen and Karn toss lines back and forth. It felt like old times seeing Tim and Al back together in the shop.

They both have quips as well. “We still got it man, at least I do,” Allen said. But Karn replies, “You got something.”