Tim Allen Drops Stunning Snap of the ‘Ol Tool Man’s Sunday Destination

by Thad Mitchell

A true Outsider, legendary actor and funny man Tim Allen is spending some time in the place Outsiders love most – the great outdoors.

The former “Home Improvement” and “Last Man Standing” star finds himself with a little downtime as of late. “Last Man Standing,” Tim Allen’s most recent hit sitcom, wrapped up its series earlier this year. His latest show “Assembly Required” also completed its first season just a short time ago. Allen is taking full advantage of his free time and is also sharing his adventures with his fans on social media. On Sunday, he took to Twitter to engage his fans in a little guessing game. He asks his social media followers if they can pinpoint his location based on the photo he provides. Several fans of the “Tool Man” took part in the guessing game with several comments.

“Guess where the ol’ Tool Man is today,” he writes in the Sunday social media post.

Wherever Tim Allen is in the photo, he has certainly picked a great place for a rest and relaxation day. The water is pristine, the sky is a perfect blue and the gentle rolling hill makes for great scenery. Hundreds of social media users chime in to take a guess on Allen’s Sunday afternoon locale. “Paradise” was a popular response and judging by the beautiful photo — it may have been that far off.

“Looks like Tennessee or maybe Kentucky,” a fellow Twitter user guesses.

“Lake of the Clouds,” another fan surmises. “Could be way off – I’ve never seen it from this perspective. Looks further south though based on the trees.”

“Here in Western Kentucky, the lakes don’t usually look that blue and no mountains like that,” another fan guesses. “But the beautiful blue sky and greenery look like here. Kentucky Lake or Lake Barkley.”

In another social media post later in the day, Tim Allen reveals his location to be Pennsylvania — more specifically– the Allegheny river. He also reveals he has a couple of standup comedy performances coming up in the near future.

“Doing a river trip here in Pennsylvania,” he says in the Tweet. “Heading to Michigan next for two sold-out stand-up performances at the Traverse City Opera House. Very nervous as I have been off stage for over a year. Wonder if government agents will be policing comedy from the back of the house.”

Tim Allen originally made a name for himself with his stand-up comedy routines. With no show to film at the moment, it looks as if the “Tool Man” will be returning to his roots for a little bit. Who wouldn’t want to see a Tim Allen standup routine?

“The Tool Man,” of course, is the nickname of Allen’s character in “Home Improvement.” He is reunited with his former co-star, Richard Karn, in “Assembly Required.”