Tim Allen Is Getting Emotional for Final Three ‘Last Man Standing’ Episodes

by Joe Rutland

Tim Allen isn’t really ready for his “Last Man Standing” series to end. He’s been sharing photos and some comments on social media, too.

One thing Allen has done over the past few years is stay in touch with his fans, especially through the power of social media. He’s been a fixture on TV sets in the United States for a couple of generations.

That’s hard to believe yet look back when “Home Improvement” first hit on ABC, then look at where he is today with “Last Man Standing.”

He’s in the home stretch of that series.

With the final three episodes coming up, Tim Allen tweeted this out on Wednesday.

Allen also took a little time out and asked fans if they were tired of seeing his face. After all, Allen has been quite the busy dude over the past two-plus decades.

He finds Twitter as a way to communicate with more than 550,000 followers.

Tim Allen Asks Fans Question In Advance Of Episode

He did it again on Wednesday. Allen put up an unseen clip from the yet-to-air Last Man Standing episode.

He also asked a rather poignant question, too.

“Tired of this face yet? Nope, me neither! Tune in tomorrow on @FOXTV,” Allen wrote on Twitter.

He’s had a successful run with “Home Improvement” on ABC, following that up with “Last Man Standing” which has been on both ABC and FOX. But he’s not done yet, folks.

Allen, Karn Team Up For ‘Assembly Required’ Series

Allen and his “Home Improvement” co-star, Richard Karn, just launched their new show, Assembly Required, on Feb. 23. Prior to the premiere episode, it had been 22 years since Allen and Karn worked together on a show.

How does this show work? In each episode, three builders face off against each other while working to complete a series of builds.

Each project is judged on quality, design, and functionality.

Tim Allen and Karn host the show. Meanwhile, because of circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, contestants will be competing from their home workshops. Each episode’s winner will receive $5,000 in cash.