Tim Allen Posts ‘Sad’ Behind the Scenes ‘Last Man Standing’ Photo

by Jennifer Shea

Actor and comic Tim Allen is sad to see his current show, “Last Man Standing,” approaching its end.

Tim Allen Tweets Sad Photo

“Nancy Travis heading set,” Allen tweeted Tuesday. “Love this family of hard workers doing what we love. Already so sad this is our ninth and final season.”

On the show, Nancy Travis plays Mike Baxter’s (Allen) wife Vanessa. 

“Last Man Standing” has become popular over the years, averaging 9 million viewers per episode in multi-platform viewing, according to Variety. It originally aired on ABC, which canceled it after six seasons in 2017. Then Fox picked it up in 2019. The network announced last October that Season 9 would be the show’s final one.

“I’ve been one lucky dude to have been part of ‘Last Man Standing,’” Allen said when the news from Fox broke. “I so appreciate the incredible support from our fans over this near-decade of work. As we approach the ninth season, I just admire and feel grateful for all the hard work our wonderful cast and crew have done. We had all considered to end the show after last season, but together with Fox, we decided to add a year so we could produce a full season to create the gentle and fun goodbye. I’m looking forward to a memorable and hilarious final season.”

Allen’s Next Act

Allen has plenty of potential projects lined up for his next act. He’s been working on “Assembly Required,” a reality competition for craftsmen on the History Channel that reunites him with his old “Home Improvement” wingman Richard Karn.  

And Allen recently encouraged speculation about a sequel to “Galaxy Quest,” the sci-fi comedy that also starred the late, great Alan Rickman. 

“Right now it’s in a holding pattern,” Allen told Entertainment Weekly, saying that a sequel could happen “now or in five years.”

“I haven’t reached out to anybody in the last week, but we talk about it all the time,” he added. “There is constantly a little flicker of a butane torch that we could reboot it with. Without giving too much away, a member of Alan’s Galaxy Quest family could step in and the idea would still work.” 

Moreover, after a crossover episode in which Allen reprised his “Home Improvement” role as Tim Taylor on “Last Man Standing,” fans began pushing for a “Home Improvement” reboot. While that may seem unlikely now, anything is possible – for example, a one-hour “Home Improvement” movie.

In the meantime, Allen is enjoying “Last Man Standing” while he can, however bittersweet these moments may be.