Tim Allen Posts Thought-Provoking Message About Responding to Circumstances

by Clayton Edwards

Tim Allen made a name for himself as a comedian. Before finding himself in some unfortunate circumstances, he was a successful standup comedian. Then, he became a household name on the hit sitcom Home Improvement. More recently, Allen returned to the public eye with two great shows. First, he starred in Last Man Standing. Then, he co-hosted Assembly Required with his former Home Improvement co-star Richard Karn.

However, Tim Allen is also an educated man with an inquisitive mind. A look at his Twitter feed will prove that. When he isn’t posting about his work or plugging a new project, Allen posts things to make his followers think. At the same time, the quotes and lessons that he posts reflect his beliefs. For instance, the Last Man Standing star posted a quote about responding to circumstances. Check it out below. Then, we’ll talk about it.

The quote that Tim Allen posted reads, “We Cannot choose our external circumstances, but we can always choose how to respond to them.” Even with a couple of typos in the tweet, he gets his message across. Those words of wisdom come from Epictetus, a First Century Greek Stoic philosopher.

Let that sink in. Epictetus was born around 50 CE. He died around 135 CE. So, it’s safe to say that he first spoke those words over 1,900 years ago. However, they are no less true when Tim Allen, the 21st-century television star sent them out in a social media post.

Tim Allen rounded out the post by saying that he loves the quote and wishes he could hang out with the philosopher for a day.

Tim Allen Knows About Responding to Negative Circumstances

Tim Allen’s career almost came to a screeching halt before it truly got started. However, he was able to bounce back from some hard times. He didn’t just overcome the circumstances. He used them as a springboard. Through dedication, hard work, and talent Allen rose from the ashes to become a star.

Tim Allen was a cocaine dealer in his youth. In 1978, authorities busted him with 650 grams of booger sugar at the Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport. That’s just under a pound and a half. More importantly, it was enough to land Allen in the federal penitentiary for the rest of his life.

However, Tim Allen made a decision. Standing in the airport with a service weapon in his face sporting handcuffs was probably the moment that he decided to change his ways. Hearing that he was looking at life behind bars probably didn’t hurt.

How did Tim Allen respond to the circumstances? He entered a guilty plea and gave up the names of other dealers in his supply chain. That earned him a lighter sentence. At the same time, it all but ensured he would have no place in his previous circles. As a result, he did about two years behind bars. Then, he came out a free man. Today, Allen is a star and has been clean and sober for over twenty years, according to Hollywood Reporter.