Tim Allen Shares ‘Hump Day’ Update on His Crown Vic Restoration Project

by Jon D. B.

Happy Wednesday, Tim Allen fans! The ‘Last Man Standing’ and ‘Assembly Required’ star is sharing a Wednesday update for followers on his impressive Crown Vic restoration.

“Hump Day again!? We all know what that means…” Allen posts to his official Twitter account. The star begins each “The Vik” segment with his iconic “Home Improvement” Tim Taylor “man grunt.” Afterward, however, he’s nowhere to be found.

Instead, Tim Allen leaves the crafting of this classic beauty up to a team of experts. Currently working on the chassis and breaks, the team is hard at work on the “Tim Allen Build.”

For car fanatics, it is a sight to behold. Watch courtesy of Allen’s YouTube build series below:

Tim Allen Loves a Good Build

It’s no secret that Tim Allen is both a motorhead and avid builder. The actor works his love of both into nearly every project he headlines. Whether it’s his classic stint as Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor, or as car-loving Mike Baxter in ‘Last Man Standing,’ he always finds a way to be “in” what he loves.

And this is exactly what led Allen to create his newest show, ‘Assembly Required.’ Recently, Allen referred to the show as his favorite, and we don’t doubt it for a second.

In fact, ‘Assembly Required‘s run so far has us hoping it’s around for the long haul. Uniting ‘Home Improvement’ pals Tim Allen and Richard Karn, History Channel‘s “fix-it” reality show has the pair firing on all cylinders.

“I have my game-face on!” Richard Karn says to jumpstart the series in the premiere episode.

“No… you have a badminton face on,” Allen responds sarcastically.

Indeed, the ‘Tool Time’ duo is back in all their satirical glory. History totes the show as an epic reunion of the ‘Home Improvement’ stars as each oversees the “craziest builds in history.”

Within, ‘Assembly Required’ Contestants compete from their own workshops, the show reveals. In addition, Karn notes the judging takes place over two rounds for each episode. The victor, he says, will be chosen by a combination of “design, ingenuity, and functionality.”

“This is the pinnacle of your life!”

Sound like your cup o’ motor oil? Outsider‘s, too. Watching three master builders go head-to-head is a killer premise. In each episode, the winner walks away with a big ol’ cash prize – and the title of Master Craftsman! The premiere, however, did reveal that “big ol’ cash prize” to be $5,000 – so take that as you will.

“This is the pinnacle of your life!” Tim Allen lauds, regardless of the less-than-expected winnings.

“Yeah, who’s dramatic?” Karn fires back.

We’ve missed these two together in the shop. Thankfully, ‘Assembly Required’ is a hit with History viewers, and we can expect many more episodes to come.