Tim Allen Is ‘Very Nervous’ Ahead of Returning to the Stage for First Time in Over a Year

by Keeli Parkey

Like many other performers, Tim Allen is about to step out in front on stage in front of an audience for the first time in a long time. And like many others, the idea makes him anxious – even though he will be happy performing his stand-up comedy once again.

On Sunday, July 25, the popular star of “Home Improvement” and “Last Man Standing” took to social media to talk about how he feels getting back on stage. Turns out, he is enjoying a fun break before getting back to work.

“Doing a river trip here in Pennsylvania,” Tim Allen shared via his Twitter account. “Heading to Michigan next for two sold out stand up performances at the Traverse City Opera House. Very nervous as I have been off stage for over a year. Wonder if government agents will be policing comedy from the back of the house.”

The upcoming performance dates for Tim Allen in Michigan aren’t the only shows he has on his calendar. Other upcoming shows include a visit to San Antonio, Texas, on Oct. 1; performances at the Mirage Theatre in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Nov. 5 and Nov. 6; a stop in Tempe, Arizona, on Feb. 19, 2022; and shows on July 16, 2022, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Tim Allen Began His Entertainment Career As a Stand-Up Comedian

Most people know Tim Allen thanks to his acting roles in “Last Man Standing,” “Home Improvement,” “Toy Story,” “The Santa Clause,” and “Galaxy Guest.”

However, the popular actor did not start his entertainment career in a television series or film. In fact, he started his entertainment career as a stand-up comedian. According to IMDb, the now 68-year-old star attended Western Michigan University. While there, he studied television production and graduated with a degree in the subject in 1975.

His life hit a rough patch three years later when he was sent to jail on drug charges. He was behind bars for two years. However, Tim Allen made the best out of that situation. After he got out, he began to look at life differently.

Thanks to a friend, the future television and film star decided to give stand-up comedy a try. This friend reportedly dared Tim Allen to do stand-up at the Comedy Castle, which was located in Detroit, Michigan. Turns out, he was suited for his work and was very good at it.

His success led to cable specials for Tim Allen. He was part of “Comedy’s Dirtiest Dozen” in 1988 and “Tim Allen: Men Are Pigs” in 1990.

Tim Allen’s stand-up comedy work led to his very famous series, “Home Improvement.” It first hit the small screen in 1991. It remained on the air until 1999. His other hit series, “Last Man Standing,” ran from 2011 through 2021.