Tim Allen’s ‘The Santa Clause’: On-Scene Secrets from the Classic Film

by Kayla Zadel

Tim Allen classic, “The Santa Claus,” is celebrating a significant milestone, and it’s hard to believe that the actor first put on the red suit 25 years ago.

In honor of the anniversary, we’re taking a look at this Tim Allen flashback, and he’s sharing secrets from the set. First up, details on Santa’s mode of transportation, also known as the nine reindeer and sleigh.

The reindeer that are used for “The Santa Claus” are animatronic.

“They don’t usually lend them out so we couldn’t use the real reindeer,” Allen jokingly says about borrowing the real animals from Santa Claus himself in the Entertainment Tonight clip.

The men behind the robot reindeer say that they wanted to create something more than just a robot. They wanted to create a character, like Comet. Additionally, it was important for the reindeer to be able to interact with Tim Allen in various scenes.

Another secret is actually about Eric Lloyd, who plays Allen’s son Charlie in the movie. Lloyd actually lost his two bottom teeth during filming, so the costume crew had to come up with a solution.

“They’re fake teeth,” says the young actor as he shows the implant to the camera. “When I lost my teeth I was already doing the movie, so the had to put these in to replace. They just snap in like that.”

Tim Allen Becomes Santa Claus

Transforming Tim into Santa Claus is another key component. Special make up effects artist Tom Woodruff is talking details on the big change.

“We started with Tim Allen as he actually is and did some sketches. He undergoes obvious stages of transformation,” Woodruff says holding up the drawings.

Allen wore bodysuits that help round out his Kris Kringle figure.

“They had to glue this thing to my skin,” Allen says about the process. “The thing weighed 60-pounds so it just pulled on every part of me and it actually ripped a little fissures in my shoulders. This was after 14 hours in the other makeup. They’d take it off and put on this new makeup.”

“I was not a very nice Santa,” Allen admits.

This didn’t stop Tim Allen from continuing his role in Santa in “The Santa Clause” franchise. He went on to film 2 more movies portraying Kris Kringle.