Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Daughter Gracie Posts Heartfelt Tribute to Late Author Beverly Cleary

by Keeli Parkey

In the days since her death, numerous tributes have been shared across social media in memory of famous author Beverly Cleary. Among the list of celebrities who have paid tribute to the late icon is Gracie McGraw, one of the daughters of country stars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

Gracie chose Instagram as her platform for celebrating the creator of the Ramona Quimby character. On her Instagram account, the young actress shared a photo of Beverly Cleary and the following heartfelt tribute message. “Rip Beverly Cleary. A writing legend! I will always remember reading your books as a kid!”

Gracie McGraw certainly isn’t alone in feeling great adoration for Beverly Clearly. Millions and millions of children – and, it’s safe to say, adults – have fallen in love with the author’s books and characters. Her work is timeless and will continue to live on as parents continue to read her books to children. And those children share Cleary’s stories with their children.

There are many, many people who feel like Gracie does about the beloved children’s book author Beverly Cleary. In addition to Gracie McGraw many other individuals have paid tribute to Cleary. Among these was “Jeopardy!” champion and guest host Ken Jennings.

On Friday (March 26) – the day after Cleary’s death at age 104 – Jennings shared his thoughts about the creator of “Ramona Quimby” via Twitter. “RIP to a real one. Pouring out a can of Woofies dog food on Klickitat Street,” Jennings shared.

The tweet, of course, references some of Cleary’s work. “Klickitat Street” is the location where the author set many of her tales. It was the home of Ramona Quimby, Henry Huggins, and “Beezus.”

Gracie McGraw is One of Many Fans Paying Tribute to Author Beverly Cleary

Beverly Cleary was 104 years old at the time of her death on Thursday (March 25). She reportedly passed away at her residence in Carmel, California. Her publisher, Harper Collins, shared the news of her death on Friday.

It should come as no surprise that there have been many, many people who have taken to social media to share their thoughts about Beverly Cleary other than Gracie McGraw and Ken Jennings. The tributes have poured in from famous individuals and from those of us who aren’t.

First Lady Jill Biden was among the list of famous people who shared her thoughts about the beloved author.

“RIP Beverly Cleary. Millions of girls saw themselves in Ramona Quimby. Thank you from all the “pests” out there,” Mrs. Biden tweeted.

Reese Witherspoon has also paid tribute to Beverly Cleary. The actress tweeted the following message along with a photo of the author:

“Beverly Cleary was a literary treasure whose lively characters brought so much joy to this world. I have the fondest memories reading the Ramona series. May she Rest In Peace.”

Celebrity chef Alex Guarnaschelli also shared her thoughts about Cleary.

“Beverly Cleary did not live long enough for all she gave. Ramona and Beezus got me through so many years. #rip,” she posted.