Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Daughter Gracie Shares DMX Tribute Honoring Iconic Quote from TV Role

by Evan Reier

The legacy of DMX seemingly knows no bounds. Fan of his music or not, his popularity and success transcended him out of his genre.

After all, he was more than just a rapper. He has over 30 acting credits across film and television. From playing iconic character “Buns” in his film debut, Belly, to his final years, DMX matched his music with work elsewhere.

So much so, that he reverberates to countless generations, including those who were barely alive when he released his debut album like Gracie McGraw. The 23-year-old daughter of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill joined millions upon millions of those tributing the rap icon on April 9, after the news of his death was confirmed.

As many mourn the late 50-year-old, they’re picking out areas where he connected with them. For Gracie McGraw, a comic featuring DMX’s appearance on ABC sitcom Fresh Off the Boat is a touchstone.

While we can’t include a screenshot of Gracie’s Instagram Story post, others have shared the identical comic made from the show.

As user @tristamac points out, the lines from DMX are a metaphor, although her caption isn’t exactly what he was talking about during the episode.

DMX on Fresh Off the Boat

It’s worth mentioning that the rapper’s appearance in the second season of the show went viral and is still beloved years later. In one of the rapper’s scenes, in which he plays himself, he teaches character Eddie about love and romance.

That, hilariously enough, includes orchids. The confused youngster isn’t sure at first why DMX is talking about orchids, but gets it pretty quick.

 “When I first started growing orchids,” DMX starts. “I thought they needed the most expensive soil and lights to blossom. They died.”

“That’s when I realized,” DMX also adds. “That all they really needed was time and attention. You don’t need to get your girl a gift. You need to give her your time.”

That’s damn good advice if you ask us.

Gracie McGraw Stays Active on Instagram

When it comes to quality follows on Instagram, Gracie McGraw has to be on the list. She has a variety of posts, stretching from speaking out on social justice to just being an everyday 23-year-old.

She seems to be plugged in on what’s relevant but also the simple things she’s into, from pole dancing to remembering late author Beverly Cleary.

Her most recent Instagram post comes in the form of a selfie, in which she shows off her style and personality in equal measure.

She also adds a caption to the April 6 post:

“A really intense stare selfie for your Tuesday.”