‘Today’ Host Hoda Kotb Gives a Big Smile in Happy Birthday Photo for Close Friend

by Samantha Whidden

On Friday (August 27th) Today co-host Hoda Kotb posted a special birthday message on her Instagram for a close friend of hers. 

“@krmahoney51 you are a treasure ❤️❤️❤️. Happy bday xxxx,” Hoda Kotb wrote in the post’s caption. 

The birthday message comes days after Hoda Kotb bid a special farewell to one of Today’s executive producers. In her segment last Monday, Kotb shared Joanna LaMarca good luck and gave her a special surprise – a special guest appearance by country singer Trace Atkins. He sang a little bit of You’re Gonna Miss This. 

Hoda Kotb Shares Details About Her Health 

In a 2015 interview with Health, Hoda Kotb opened up about her career prior to battling breast cancer. “Before getting sick, I always felt very lucky to have my career,” she explained. The now Today co-host further revealed that she felt like she didn’t deserve her career or even being hired at Dateline. 

“My illness empowered me in a way I didn’t expect,” Kotb admitted. “Before, I never would’ve asked for my current job. I would’ve thought, ‘Why would they pick me?’”

While also chatting about her body confidence, Hoda Kotb said she thinks that when someone’s loved by someone else, they get a kind of confidence. “When you look into someone’s eyes and they see beauty, it really does change how you see yourself. I guess I feel freer now than I ever did before.”

In order to stay healthy, Hoda explained that she goes for a run in Central Park in the mornings. “I bet if you took my blood pressure while I’m running down Sixth Avenue towards the park versus the minute I step into the park, something happens.”

Kotb Reflects on Past Jobs & Potential Career Goals 

Also during her interview with Health, Hoda Kotb recalled her previous job in accounts payable at USAir. “Look, numbers are not my thing. My checkbook is on the floor in my dressing room somewhere. That was not a fit.”

Hoda Kotb then said that she cover hard news for a long time and while she thought she was fine at it, it just didn’t feel right. She revealed that her time with Kathie Lee felt like “breathing” and it didn’t feel like work.

“I was very button-up at first, so it took a while. But when you’re with someone who will catch you and support you, you feel safe.”

The Today co-host also revealed her interest in opening a camp for underprivileged kids someday.

“I’ve met so many kids who are right on the bubble. They can be so much, but they live in difficult circumstances. You feel like if they just had a little more attention, love, something, they could be great.”