Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson Series To Debut on Hulu Starring Lily James and Sebastian Stan

by Atlanta Northcutt

Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson are well-known for their many talents, both musically, theatrically, and photographically, along with other video recording skills.

The two are in talks of starting their own series which will debut on Hulu.

A Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson Series in the Making?

According to Variety, Lily James and Sebastian Stan may be cast as the main characters. What is the series about, you might ask? Well, the actor and actress are definitely shooting for the stars as the infamous Hollywood couple.

The storyline will be concentrating on the lives of Tommy and Pamela during their relationship. Watching as the bright lights of fame begin to become too blinding and overwhelming.

Lily James and Sebastian Stan could potentially portray Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee. The concentration of the series will show how the characters went from partners, who cared deeply for one another. It will then follow the pair as their lives and relationship disintegrate into a pile of wreckage, leaking, and losing love.

Of course, Stan will play the rock star, and James will be the model and actress. Lily and Sebastian find love within one another until an incident takes place, which leads to absolute chaos. The constant flash of the paparazzi cameras following the event is too much for them both.

This negative occurrence, which absolutely destroyed the couple, is the release of an infamous capture of their honeymoon sex tape. It was stolen and sold to the public.

Sadly, the video was used against them, which was one of the many factors leading to the demise of their marriage.

The story is one many find interest in as Rob Siegel serves as the writer on the eight-episode series.

Both of the young actors have appeared on film and on-screen in several productions, such as Downton Abbey, Captain America: Civil War, and others.