Trisha Yearwood Tries Her Hand at Viral Video Trend and Absolutely Crushes

by Leanne Stahulak

Look out TikTok stars, because country superstar and chef Trisha Yearwood just might be the latest and greatest video app influencer.

Yearwood, who recently inducted Carly Pearce into the Grand Old Opry, posted a behind-the-scenes video of her prepping for the event. It follows the traditional TikTok style of video, where the camera cuts to the same person with an entirely new look or pose.

In this case, the trend features a remix of Harry Styles’ “Watermelon Sugar” and Fabricio TJ’s “SEASIDE.” In Styles’ song, the lyrics go, “I don’t know if I can ever go without / Watermelon sugar, high.” While in SEASIDE, the first lyrics say, “Hi / baby do you wanna be mine / maybe we could see the seaside.”

So, when Styles is about to say “high,” Fabricio TJ cuts in with his “hi” instead. And the person recording the video cuts to their brand new look.

In Trisha Yearwood’s case, we see her pre-glam: hair in curlers, no makeup on her face as she sings along with Styles. But when “SEASIDE” starts, Yearwood cuts to her hair layered gorgeously around her face, lashes on point, and lipstick popping.

“Hi,” Trisha Yearwood captions the post, which features a giant wink at the end.

Fans are loving the post, including fellow country star Carly Pearce. “Queen,” Pearce comments on the video.

Trisha Yearwood Inducts Carly Pearce into the Grand Ole Opry

More than 20 years ago, Trisha Yearwood herself was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry. Now, it’s her turn to induct a new member into “the family.”

Pearce sang “I Hope Your Happy Now” before the two joined together for Yearwood’s 1997 hit, “How Do I Live.” Yearwood then gave her opening speech.

“I want to tell you that I’m honored to be asked. This is the first time I’ve ever been asked to induct someone, and I got to meet you at an award show several years ago. I liked you immediately,” Yearwood said. “Your kindness… you’re a good egg. But you also have those pipes. You are truly a talent. Congratulations on all your success.”

But belonging to the Grand Ole Opry means belonging to a family, Yearwood stressed.

“This is not a club you can just join. This is a very special family you have to be invited into,” she said. “When they ask you to become a member, it means that they know that you get it. You’re doing something great, but you also get what came before. It is with just joy and so much pride, and I represent everybody here at the Grand Ole Opry and all your fans, to say: Carly Pearce, you are now officially a member of the Grand Ole Opry.”