‘Two and a Half Men’ Star Teaming with Jessica Biel for New True-Crime Show

by Taylor Cunningham

Hulu’s upcoming limited series that retells the story of Candy Montgomery will star Two and a Half Men actress Melanie Lynskey.

In Hulu’s original crime drama titled Candy, the streamer will document the case of Candy Montgomery, who will be played by Seventh Heaven’s Jessica Biel. Biel will also produce the series alongside Michelle Purple.

In 1980, Candy Montgomery was a suburban housewife and mother married to a well-to-do engineer. She was an active member of her Texas church and frequently spent time with her close friend, Betty Gore, who was in the same congregation. Montgomery seemed like a perfect member of her community until she snapped. On Friday the 13th she took an ax and killed Gore.

Per Deadline, Melanie Lynskey will play the part of Candy’s slain friend, Betty Gore. Gore was a teacher and mother. And after she and Candy began their friendship, Candy set her eyes on Betty’s husband, Allen. The two ended up beginning an affair that lasted until Betty fell pregnant. Upon hearing the news, Allen felt guilty about his relationship with Candy and called it off. Shortly after, Candy killed Betty. The question is, did Candy kill Betty because she wanted to be with Allen? Or did Candy kill Betty in self-defense when Betty learned of the affair?

‘Two and a Half Men’ Star Charlie Sheen Recalls Being Confronted by CBS’ CEO, Being Told to Go to Rehab

Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen was one of the most successful men in Hollywood during his prime. In fact, he was the overall highest-paid television actor during his run as the sarcastic and successful playboy, Charlie Harper. But after a few years on the sitcom, Sheen began spiraling out of control with major drug addictions. By the time his problems peaked in 2011, he found him divorced and out of a job.

In an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment, Sheen recalled a life-changing moment where the CEO of CBS tried to stage an intervention. But Sheen refused the help.

“There’s a moment when Les Moonves and his top lawyer, Bruce, were at my house and they said, ‘OK, the Warner jet is fueled up on the runway,” he remembered. “‘Wheels up in an hour and going to rehab, right?’ My first thought was sort of like really … there’s some comedy value to what my first thought was,” Sheen says.

But Charlie Sheen wasn’t looking for help at the time. And he regrets that he didn’t get on that plane. Because if he had, he may not have had his public breakdown. And his life would have turned out completely different.

“In that moment, when I said, ‘Oh, damn, I finally get the Warner jet.’ That’s all I heard. But if I could go back in time to that moment, I would’ve gotten on the jet. And it was that giant left turn in that moment that led to, you know, a very unfortunate sequence of public and insane events.”