Watch: Uncle Si and Jase Robertson Hilariously Argue Over Who’s the Better Hunter

by Outsider

Who’s the better hunter out of Duck Dynasty’s “Uncle Si” Robertson and Jase Robertson? Find out in Episode 4 of the Duck Vlog, which finds the pair going head to head.

Throughout a series of mud-drenched challenges, the pair engage in a heated argument about who’s more skilled. It all comes down to one duck kill that they just can’t come to an agreement over. If you’re a Duck Dynasty fan or even just into hunting, you’ll definitely want to check out this 17-minute clip.

For anyone who’s been hunting with family, Uncle Si and Jase’s friendly ribbing will sound more than a little familiar.

Uncle Si and the Robertsons are always opinionated, especially when it comes to politics

The Robertsons are famously outspoken, so arguments are nothing new in that family. Uncle Si is definitely known for sharing his unfiltered thoughts time and time again.

Recently, Phil Robertson spoke out in support of Donald Trump ahead of the 2020 election.

“He is remarkably shrewd when it comes to his policy,” Robertson said of President Trump. “It’s remarkable. I’ve never seen a president get that much done in the face of this much blow back and opposition. I’ve never seen a guy do what this dude has done.”

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