Video: Dad Uses Fishing Pole In Perfect Parenthood Hack to Play Ball with Daughter

by Atlanta Northcutt

One father is proving a fishing pole is also useful on land. This wise dad uses a parenthood hack to practice his fishing skills while playing ball with his daughter.

A recent Twitter post reaching over 1.5 million views on Podfathers Podcast shows a father sitting in his lawn chair with a ball attached to the end of his fishing line.

Without leaving his seat, he reels the ball in high enough for his daughter to swing at.

During practice, the dad brings the attached ball back to its original position, allowing his daughter to attempt to knock it out of the park.

In the video on Twitter, the father is heard saying, “That’s what I’m talking about. That’s a home run,” following a strong swing of the bat by the little slugger.

The young girl doesn’t only receive praise from her father, but encouragement from fans in the backyard, including a chicken and dog.

However, her dad steals the show online with Podfathers Podcast and Barstool Sportsbook tweeting the 20 second video.

The post is being viewed as a shining example of using personal skills making parenthood easier and more enjoyable.

The tweet includes #DadHack, and was originally shared on Instagram by @brookebrzyscz.