Vinyl and Cassette Sales Are Skyrocketing Thanks To One Band’s Comeback

by Hannah Heser

Throwing it back to the days when vinyl’s and cassettes were in, they are making their comeback. Will Apple Music, Spotfiy and other digital platforms be affected?

Recently, several well-known musicians have released top-of-the-chart albums. For example, Adele with 30, Ed Sheeran with =, and the comeback of Abba with Voyage. Most of Abba’s fans are from the time period when vinyls and cassettes were popular. So, in this case, they are skyrocketing in sales. If record stores are to thank anyone for this huge increase in their sales, it’s Abba. Their comeback is out of this world.

According to New York Post, the past 12 months saw vinyl sales rise 8% in 2020. Who knew one legendary band could bring something so unique back in style.

The Comeback For Abba

Voyage is the band’s first album in over 40 years. Fans are excited about this comeback and buying copies like crazy.

NPR recorded the number of copies sold from the Official Charts Company.

“Record companies sold 29,891 copies in its first week out and soon became this century’s fastest vinyl seller.”

On the other hand, Adele is being blamed for her new album causing a shortage in vinyls. But can you actually blame her? Every song on 30 is amazing!

However, people should keep in mind that the pandemic is still causing a supply chain shortage. So, this could be a factor in the vinyl’s almost selling out.

Are CDs getting the same attention as vinyls are? CDs, unfortunately, are seeing sales drop by 12%. And only 14 million discs are currently selling in the United Kingdom, according to the New York Post.

But cassettes, on the other hand, are experiencing more success than CDs. But the sale amount is still not the best.

In addition to an increase in cassettes, rising pop artist Olivia Rodrigo’s Sour album is selling like crazy. After all, Sour was No. 1 on the charts for a few months after its release.

Luke Combs Gives 500 Autographed Vinyls Away

Luke Combs gave about 500 autographed What You See is What You Get vinyls away at the beginning of 2021. This is because it had a lot of success and he thought this would be a great gift to his fans.

And it’s even better to know that Combs purchased the vinyls himself. Not only is he a talented country artist, but he is also a generous human. He is one to do absolutely anything for his fans because they made his dreams come true.

And 500 What You See is What You Get vinyls is a perfect thank you gift.